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Garageland #4

Garageland #4 – and couldn’t have asked for more.

Red Dice – Three musicians who are no strangers to the Cairns music scene, collectively exert pure rockabilly that will set you back to the 50’s. I’ll admit I do not have anything rockabilly in my music collection, but the licks by Gordon Sheard, along with the lock between the double bass and drums create a fantastic sound.  Without a doubt in mind, these gentlemen know what they’re about.

Raconteurs are also no strangers to the local scene and followed through next, keeping the night grooving along with their ska-jazz fusion approach delivered with a palette of keyboards, drums, bass and acoustic electric (beaut cutaway, by the way!). With as many keyboard solos as guitar, and laid back beats to encompass them all.  Again I am not particularly associated with jazz or ska, but the Raconteurs clearly know their way around this material.

Sworf, however, I am familiar with. Once again they took the crowd by storm, running through their well known and loved songs until frontman Colin-Brock McDonald announced a new song. I spoke with Colin after the gig and he revealed the band is working on a new album, with the new song a glimpse of what’s in store.  A new lineup usually takes musicians some time to get a handle on and settle in. Bass player Jarrod is finding his own way into the vocal duties as well as his parts on the fretboard. I spoke also with new guitarist H-Bomb and was hesitant to say he reminds me of Nate Mendel of the Foo Fighters  with his slightly awkward moves on the stage. H-Bomb responded that he is still finding his way into the band’s vision. With the solos he ripped through, I am left to say that Sworf weren’t kidding when they said this was their year, with new members proving more than capable!

Rest assured, Garageland #5 will not be far away. It’s great to see a venue more traditionally associated with cover bands, taking the plunge with original bands, and coming up trumps.

A big thanks to Dozer and Pidge for putting together a great free night of talented acts!

Alex Flower

Pic by Kirby Canete

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