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Clam Sandwich – Showus Ya CD Launch

I called into Reuben’s Guitar repairs to have some work done on one of my guitars and caught up with the man himself about the upcoming launch of his band’s new CD “Showus Ya”. The afformentioned band is of course the curiously named “Clam Sandwich”

Reuben is a guy with a genuine love for all things classic rock & metal – and a penchant for all things Ace Frehley. While I was visiting the shop Reuben enthused about his heavily modified Les Paul guitar complete with fake pickup cover that snaps in to expose smoke bombs and lights (see pic!). Clam Sandwich fans are regularly treated to this dazzling display of showmanship.

The bands Debut CD is a rollicking romp through the land of power pop and vintage metal, with tracks that wouldn’t be out of place on a classic Kiss, or Cheap Trick album. Recorded and produced by the band at Purple Sound, I asked Reuben how he would he describe Clam Sandwich’s music to the unititiated and he explained “Everything we love, bands like Motorhead, Kiss, Warrant all thrown into a mixing pot, classic stuff with a little bit of modern – we just love turning it up!”

And what influences the songwriting of a Cairns based band with a love of vintage rock and metal? According to Reuben “Current events, people that piss us off, people we love, everyday stuff, although sometimes you wouldn’t know it because it’s kind of hidden”

Not the types to sit still for long, Clam Sandwich have already started tracking drums for their next album which Reuben says will be heading firmly in the direction of “Heavier”

The band will be launching the new album “Showus Ya” in Cairns at the Cape York Hotel on Friday the 16th of December with supports from Anoxic Embrace and Snakeoyl, it looks set to be an awesome show!

Entry is Free, bands kick off at 7.30 and according to the guys they have pressed “5 million CD’s and 7 trillion shirts” so get along and make a dent in them!

Todd Macalpine

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