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Garrington T Jones

Worcestershire, England based singer songwriter Garrington T Jones returns to the Far North for a run of dates including opening The Rock This Country Blue Festival next weekend at The Billabong in Kuranda, and Resonate at the Courthouse Hotel on the 23rd of October. Nestled amongst pristine tropical rainforest, the team at Kangventure have assembled a fine line of acts covering the styles of Rock, Country and Blues for what will no doubt be a festival to remember at The Billabong on Saturday 15th October.

A regularly visitor to the North, Blues artist Garrington T Jones is excited to be returning to the tropics for a run of shows including the Rock This Country Blue Festival next weekend.

“I am indeed excited. Only a week until flight time and I am thinking of nothing else but to get ‘home’ again! I find it a great honour and privilege to be able to perform in FNQ. So many good friends there who have helped me to become part of the FNQ music scene. I am grateful for their help and friendship.”

“I have been to FNQ every year since the Christmas of 2009 when I fell in love with the region. Apart from Sydney and Brisbane, I have been nowhere else in Australia.”

With a strong line up of acts including Gazza T, Adam Hole, Omid Master and George Davies; The Billabong is a pristine tropical rainforest venue perfect for a fine day of Rock, Country and Blues in the tropics.

“It is a fabulous line up and to be the opener for the festival is a huge honour. I think the festival organisers have done an awesome job of getting together such a wide range of performers and bands to cover Blues, Country and Rock in one festival. I am genuinely keen to see everyone perform. I just hope I have the stamina!”

With the internet and social media playing such a huge part in music know days, it was interesting to hear how Gazza keeps up to date with the local scene from the other side of the world.

“I have a strong link with the FNQ music scene. At this very moment I am listening to Cairns FM 89.1 and ‘Rock & Blues Downunder with Irene Barrett’. I am part of the Cairns Musos social media group and of course I have some fabulous friends from the region who keep me informed of their gigs and events that are happening (all the time it seems) in FNQ. Equally, I have muso friends such as Dale Priem of ‘Benny & The Clones’ fame who I often bother with ideas for songs and lyrics at unearthly hours of the night (being 9 hours difference between us). I am grateful to be taken in as one of the FNQ posse!”

Be sure not to miss Garrington T Jones at the Rock This Country Blue Festival at The Billabong on Saturday 15th October and a very special Resonate appearance at Cairns Courthouse Hotel on the 23rd of October.

Rock This Country Blue Festival at The Billabong (Mt Haren Rd Kuranda) on Saturday 15th October featuring Adam Hole, Garrington T-Jones, George Davies, Omid Master and many more. 4pm till late. Camping available. Tickets from Ticketlink.

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