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Swamp Donkey 7″ Record Launch Party

Set your phasers to FUN, because yer ole pals from Swamp Donkey have just released a shiny black disc that won’t fit in your CD player. To commemorate it’s existence we are going to party like it’s Saturday the 5th March, 2016 (Which is quite fitting, as this event is on Saturday 5th March, 2016).

Swamp donkey

For those unfamiliar with the equine rumbles bubbling from the marshes of North Screamsland, the 4 piece known as the Donkzillas have been hovering and plotting in the shadows of the Cairns music scene for a few years now. Featuring past and present members of a veritable shit-tonne of  of other A-Grade acts (Violet Shift, The Beached Kennedys, Meat Bikini, Sancho Panza, Swamp Thing, Astro Zombies, Asterix Millapede, Moke, Midnight Cock Machine and Whiskey Boat; to name just a few….) the culmination of these wild and varied influences have concocted a snarly grunge swagger steeped in the wash of a shoegazian dream. This dreamy blunt spike is expelled in bursts that are required to be expelled from the individuals creating them at all costs.

Saturday 5th is an exciting time for these 4 failed, desperate husks of men. For it is on this grandiose day that their debut 7″ Record is imparted to the world.

But look let’s face it, the Swonkeys aren’t getting any younger, I mean sure- they can play like it’s nobody’s business – but their partying days are well behind them. Which poses the problem – how do you party on down like it ‘aint no thang when you can barely sit up til Rage comes on? Answer: you get younger more talented bands to come and do that for you. Enter these likely roustabouts:

Meat Bikini

Young at heart, but aged in knowledge of the scene. If that pit of uncomfortable hatred you have squeezing at your chest somehow took corporeal form and developed both a sense of humour and a taste for pizza then it would be named Meat Bikini and we would all mosh along with it.


Ska is a 3 letter word. Such a short space to encompass an entire genre, especially when ska bands are the most likely to overfill a stage. I guess what I’m saying is that these guys are inside of but also beyond ska. You remember that pit of hatred that fell out of your chest earlier and named itself Meat Bikini? Well imagine if the Bennies went to Punk High, and their Home Room Teacher was Meat Bikini? It’d be pretty wild right? Like an adultswim TV series. Or like Jobstopper.

Machine Machine

I genuinely know very little about this band. But I do remember seeing them play at a few art exhibition openings at crate59 and always thought they sounded cool. Fresh bursts of hendrix inspired indie rock maybe? I remember it feeling something like that. Or maybe they just played a Hendrix cover and that’s all I can think of now because my memory is super hazy. I hope it was Fire, Fire is a great song. Y’know you can diss the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as much as you like (because they most definitely deserve it) but there was a brief period where I truly felt John Frusciante was the second coming of Hendrix.

Sancho Panza

So Ben’s back from Europe, and Justin and Joel had a spare 5 seconds one weekend and thought rather than sit down and take a breath or say hi to our wives, why don’t we get the old band back together? Joliet Jake eat your goddamn heart out right?

Well anyway, if you like Joy Division, Black Flag, the Meanies, the Saints, and stuff like that… then go and listen to their records. But if your stereo is broken come and watch Sancho Panza and dance away your fears.

DJ Paul Rudd – just so, so disgusting

Viggo the Suspicious – free tarot readings, accompanied by a punch in the face and an inappropriate level of cologne.

Licensed Bar / All Ages (bring ID for drinky poohs) / from 6pm – at The German Club (57 Winkworth St, Cairns)

swamp donkey 7" record launch

Raoul Douche

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