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Shirley Lynn – Temporary Time

Local songstress Shirley Lynn has a new track out..

“Temporary Time” was written by Shirley Lynn and Christine M Kerr. It is one of three songs recorded at Pegasus Studio in August/September 2020 during COVID. This song shifts between fragility and angst. Resonant deep tones contrasted with light orchestral instrumentation accentuates the sense of tension and release.

According to Shirley “Temporary Time is a crisis song inspired by COVID, but not exclusive to COVID. It was written, recorded and produced during Covid times. The world has experienced a time that will not be forgotten for all sorts of reasons”

“All things do pass, nothing lasts forever – including difficult times. There is always the need for patience and kindness. There is the need to be willing and to be wise. As the world at large comes through one crisis it is realised that what we do matters. Our choices, yours and mine”

https://ditto.fm/temporary-time-shirley-lynn  Now streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, available for digital download on iTunes and CDs from www.shirleylynnmusic.com

Recorded and Produced at Pegasus Studio with Nigel Pegrum.
Vocalist and musicians on the song are: 
Lead Vocalist: Shirley Lynn
Backing Vocals: Nikki Doll and Libby Brockenshire
Violin & Viola: Simon McMenamin

Bass Guitar & Electric Guitar: Giles Smith
Acoustic Guitar: Peter Ella & Shirley Lynn
Keyboard: Kirk Steel and Nigel Pegrum
Drums: Nigel Pegrum.  

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