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Sisters Doll Return

You could be forgiven for thinking Melbourne’s Sisters Doll were a local band, such has been their musical presence in and around Cairns over the last 12 months.

They are a hardworking, hard playing, and even harder touring band who don’t seem to care where they are playing. As long as they are playing.

This Sunday will see the third time Sisters Doll have played in Cairns in 12 months and drummer Bryce says that the reason is simple.

“I think the people there are what keeps us coming back,” he said.

“We have a pretty good following up there and every time we’ve played there it’s been a good buzz in front of a decent crowd. Every time we have played people have told their friends and the crowds have gotten bigger so we just love adding the place to our itinerary whenever we can.”

Whereas in the previous tours the band have played at a few different venues, this time they will be here for one big show only at the Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron.

“We thought… we kind of spread it out and played a few shows last time so we thought maybe just the one would make more of an impact. Just the one full on show and we might get a bigger crowd.”

The three members of Sisters Doll are in fact brothers, and despite spending nearly every waking minute together while on the road Bryce says that their relationship remains as strong as ever.
“It’s sick dude!” he laughed.

“We’re pretty much stuck together for the rest of our lives being brothers and being in the spotlight together is great. It’s weird because we think of each other as best mates rather than brothers because we spend 99% of the time with each other. We definitely keep each other grounded and try not to let the others get big headed about things.”

In good news for the Doll army, the boys have begun work on the follow up to their successful Welcome to the Dollhouse release and Bryce says that the band will be expanding on the groundwork they have put in over the last few years.

“We’re working on the new one already,” he stressed.

“We’ve got the music there. We’ve been playing some of the new music that’s ready for the new album on tour and we will be definitely playing some new songs up there. Hopefully by the end of this year or early next year we will get right into the next one.”

In a massive feather in their caps, but also a disappointing ending, Sisters Doll came to within a whisker of support Motley Crue on their recent farewell tour.

They made the playoffs for the top 5 bands after being voted by their fans into contention, and although giving their all in the finals at the Cherry Bar in Melbourne, fell agonizingly short.

“We were absolutely stoked to make the finals because we just put our names down for the contest and uploaded our song but we never thought that people would have voted and supported us as much as they did and to get to the Top 5 was a dream come true. We had to play against four other bands in one night in Melbourne and it was great. We called our supporters down and everyone was rocking their Sisters Doll t-shirts and fist pumping in the air so it was great.”

Rather than letting their loss put them down, the boys managed to take a positive out of the experience, preferring to dwell on the future instead of what might have been.

“We definitely took a lot out of it,” Bryce said, “just knowing that our fan base is starting to grow. When we walked in that night people were wearing our stuff and it was so cool to see how your fans can grow and then you start building a following so it was great exposure for us doing the competition and we also made more new fans that night as well.”

Regardless of whatever happens, you know that one thing you will always get with Sisters Doll is an entertaining and memorable show.

These boys put the glam back in glam metal and do it as well as, if not better than their peers.
Welcome to the Dollhouse…..

Kris Peters

Sisters Doll play at the Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron, 42 Tingira Street Portsmith this Sunday May 24, supported by Clam Sandwich and Sworf. First band starts at 4 p.m and entry is free

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