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Novemba-Palooza! at Stratford Bowls Club

How ya doin’ there beefcake?

Throw that protein shake in the bin and clean out them filthy ears of yours – because I’ve got some news you need to hear!….

Cairns’ most preeminent swamp-based band, have decided to put a gig on.

“Who cares, bro?” I hear you mumble between squats. Well get with the program big boy, because this ‘aint the Rock n Roll that your grand-daddy used to dance to. No, this is high octane / no apologies / slap ya ’round the chops and call you Shirley Rock n Roll! And it’s aliiiiiiiive!

But fear not if you hate Swamp Donkey (as most do), because there is also 3 other bands of varying genre and fuckability. Such as:

Criimes – Little boys with digital toys. If Death Grips fell into a smouldering plant with various characters from the Simpsons, this would be the resulting slow-evaporated ooze. (They’re really great, please ignore that description).

Whiskey Boat – This is what Ernest Hemingway would listen to if he was totally over a barrel shit-faced. But not a grumpy cantankerous shit-faced, more a reflective, subdued happiness, with a smattering of melancholy shit-faced. Slow nodding, eyes-closed, gentle swaying, with just a hint of a smile.

Hungry Lungs – These guys have their shit down yo! 8 years ago I was dreaming of Cairns having a band so perfectly indie, with incredulously sublime song structures and mesmerising tone. And well, now they exist and they’re bloody tops mate.  Plus, a Lungsy gig is as rare as hen’s teeth. so don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and make sure you come first, before the egg.

+ DJ Paul Rudd
yeah… fuck that guy.

SATURDAY 12th NOVEMBER – Stratford Bowls Club – 3 Rinks Close Stratford

$10 at the door. Licensed Bar. Bar opens at 6.30pm, Bands from 7.30pm.
All ages (bring I.D. if you need alcohol. Bring your grandma if you need your socks darned)

MAIN IMAGE: Hungry Lungs, taken by Pappi-Razzi


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