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Tegan Koster Project – Feet

Bold and brazen synth pop artist Tegan Koster continues her hyper-driven journey of new music, new contexts and new sounds with her ongoing collaborative trio.

In a post-context world, Tegan Koster Project drops their latest single ‘Feet’, accompanied by a mesmerising art/dance music video.

Based in Gimuy (Cairns), the ‘Tegan Koster Project’ features Tegan Koster (Synths/Bass/ Vocals), William ‘Biri’ Duffin (Guitars) and Hairbrain (electronics).

The trio was born through their collective studio, The 5Five, and has released a number of singles and pop videos over the last 4 years.

Drawing from a range of classic synths and spacious pop sensibilities, lush layers of comfort and noise underpin soaring vocals and guitars.

“Feet speaks to everything, and speaks to nothing” shares Tegan, ‘It’s message lies in the haunting emotive language of the composition. Its arrangement evokes a familiar sensibly that draws one in.’

‘Feet’ is released as part of Tegan’s ‘Shapes’ project which has been supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund.

Tegan is busy building a whole body of new sound and visual works, including video works for an upcoming group exhibition at Northsite Contemporary Arts.

As part the project, Tegan has been exploring and experimenting with a range of classic synths and keyboards, from the 70’s – 90’s in particular.

On the track ‘Feet’, the classic rock synth Yamaha DX7 is used along side the 90’s Korg K4.

Tegan is passionate about all things vintage frequency modulator synthesis and weaves this into her work in such a directive candescent way.

Part ethereal songstress, part performance brat, part 70’s space drama, a TKP show draws you in for a future-classic ride like no other.

With one foot in the pop world, and one foot in the avant-garden, Tegan Koster Project comes through like French Cinema circa 1980’s meets a cold visceral winter of a post- pop paradise.

‘Feet’ is out now across all platforms and has been added to the NQ Music Press Radio playlist..

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