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An Evening With The Redfern Brothers

Bringing a slice of music history, The Reef Hotel Casino is proud to host the Redfern Brothers in a special one night only event on Friday 23rd September. Considered Australian music royality, Derek and Jamie Redfern stole the hearts of the music loving public at incredibly young ages with their apparances on Young Talent Time.

Celebrating the work and legacies of pop icons who inspired them, the show is set to be an intimate affair that not only includes some incredible music, but also some unforgettable tales of the Australian industry. The Redfern Brothers will share stories about Young Talent Time and the wonderful friendships they’ve fostered and sustained over the years as well as performing their own hit singles. This special event promises to be an interactive trip down memory lane, showcasing their extensive and rewarding musical careers and partnerships.

Speaking to Jamie Redfern recently, he let me in on what was in store for Fridays show at the Reef Hotel Casino.

“We do a bit of everything when we perform together as the Redfern Brothers. This show is kind of cabaret / pop rock. We do some Elvis stuff, Bee Gees and reminiscing about stories with a bit of an interview at the end with Terry Stewart. We’ll show a few slides and photos that the audience might have a bit of a laugh about. So it’s going to be a fun show, and we’ll have a meet and greet at the end”.

Jamie Redfern shot to fame at a very young age and is Australia’s most successful child entertainer. Regarded as a living legend, Jamie’s career highlights include being one of Australia’s highest paid and most popular entertainers, a founding member on Young Talent Time, winning several Logies, plus silver and gold record awards. He was also endorsed by Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Sammy Davis Junior as one of the best child singer and performer in the world.

“Back in the day I was everywhere. We would play and travel all across Australia, it was just crazy. I remember doing this big gig at Roseland Shopping Centre in Sydney. A Current Affair and all the big film crews turned up alongside 25,000 people. We had this huge PA and Johnny Young was wacking away at the drums, but you just couldn’t hear me because everyone was screaming. The glass windows in the shops were breaking and the escalators stopped. They had to end up rushing us off the stage because the crowd was going nuts. It was just crazy in those days”.

With the massive success of Young Talent Time, Jamie toured the United States with ‘Mr. Showmanship’ Liberace, the iconic American pianist, singer and actor.

“He was very flamboyant and extravagant. He was very good to me and we were very close, I use to call him Uncle Lee. I remember at the time I was very young and I asked my Dad about him (whether he was gay), but I didn’t quite know how to word it and didn’t really understand. A lot of people close to him had said to us that it was just a bit of an act, part of the show. So that’s what we thought and we believed it. He was engaged 5 times and once stole a woman from me. Which we had an argument and a bit of a laugh about the next day. So at the time I didn’t believe he was”.

“It wasn’t until later when I was older and had come home to Australia that I really thought about it and realised the guy was clearly gay. But he kept that all away from me and also my dad, he was very quiet and respectful. He kept all of that well hidden. I think he would have been very upset with the controversy which surrounded his death and all the rubbish that came out with that movie (Behind The Candelabra) that came out. I haven’t seen the movie but I’ve heard from very reliable sources that it isn’t accurate, and a lot of the characters aren’t portrayed correctly. I know he wouldn’t have been happy about it and it’s very disrespectful to the man”.

‘An Evening with The Redfern Brother’ – Friday 23rd September at The Reef Hotel Casino. Tickets are available from www.reefcasino.com and include a four course meal and beverage package.

Mitch Sullivan

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