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The 5Five collective – Mixed Grill

As part of their group exhibition ‘other’, The 5Five collective present their ground breaking performance event: Mixed Grill.

Experience an unforgettable guided journey through diverse performance spaces, where art comes alive through thought provoking exhibitions, performance, music, interactive showcases, and the chance to meet the brilliant minds behind the art.

Featuring performance works including Tegan Koster’s ‘Shapes’ project, live improvised noise ensemble Dero, a co-joining of the evocative group works BLK&SBBTH + Exercise In Futility, John DeSatge’s ‘Majorities’ Flags gameshow performance, a discussion panel with the ‘other’ artists, and a sneak preview of Jay Wymarra’s new cabaret show AmaJayus. Plus more to be announced!

The 5Five collective produce arts/music events that intersect context, art form, culture and identity, that bring the avant- grade and underground together through a variety of programs and events.

Mixed Grill is a ticketed event that will showcase performances, live music and interactive showcases including: 

  • Tegan Koster presents ‘Shapes’
  • Dero
  • BLK&SBBTH + Exercise In Futility by The 5Five Collective
  • Rebecca Youdell & File_Error
  • John DeSatge presents ‘Majorities live’
  • Jay Wymarra presents excerpts from ‘AmaJayus’
  • Plus DJ’s Whichway & Mr Tarago


Mixed Grill

27 January 2024, 6pm – 11:30pm

NorthSite at Bulmba-ja: 96 Abbott Street, Cairns City

Facebook Event:https://fb.me/e/1JU66EEJu

Event Page: https://northsite.org.au/event/mixed-grill/

Exhibition Page: https://northsite.org.au/exhibitions/other/

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