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Rock The Rails

The Railway Hotel rocks to the sound of original metal music this Friday night from 5:30 ’til late. Anoxic Embrace, Snakeoyl, Vaude Vivious, and Hexus.

What does Anoxic Embrace mean I hear you ask?

According to the bands bio:- Anoxic Embrace the concept, was created in 2011, when frontman and vocalist Az was working as a SCUBA diving instructor in Townsville. While underwater, he experienced the sensation of being out of air, otherwise known as anoxia. The word ’embrace’ was added as there were other meanings to this term relevant to Az.

A few other interesting new names on the scene in Friday’s lineup that may be worth checking out. But, hey, you can go along on Friday night yourself and ask Vaude Vivious where that oh so curious name comes from!

Entry is $5 at the door. Doors open 5.30pm.

Pictured – Anoxic Embrace

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