Greta Stanley – When January Comes

After a busy two years following the release of her Debut EP ‘Bedroom City’, 22-year-old songstress Greta Stanley is about to unpack a suitcase of brand new songs into the homes and ears of her adoring listeners.

Her debut album ‘Full Grown’ will be available on October 27 (produced by Mark Myers (The Middle East) and features a collaboration with Timberwolf) is a biographical look into the mind of a girl discovering who she is, and where she belongs.

This theme is particularly prevalent in new track “When January Comes”, a song about growing up in Far North QLD and how the weather changes the people around you during the bittersweet holiday summer heat.

“Summer in far north QLD, a heat that swallows you… I wrote this song watching people around me change through the seasons, the crystal-clear waterfalls, and the backyards of friend’s houses, the company you keep and that bittersweet holiday heat. As much as we complain there is some kinda special feeling around that time of year up here that I can’t quite explain.” – Greta

When Greta was eight years old her family moved to a small rural town called Mena Creek in Far North Queensland. An introverted child, Greta’s father bought her a guitar at aged 13 and from that time on she almost obsessively started writing music. Building herself a sanctuary in her bedroom and immersing herself in her own creative reality, Greta wrote her debut EP ‘Bedroom City’ about this time, amassing a song catalogue of over 100 songs at just 22 years old.

Inspired by a vast range of musical influences ranging from Soko and Daughter to Cat Power and Cigarettes After Sex, along with cues from fellow Australian’s Thelma Plum, Lisa Mitchell, and Sarah Blasko, Greta found a way to deal with the world through music.

Releasing her EP in 2015, Greta burst onto the live circuit supporting the likes of Boy and Bear, The Rubens, Kingswood, and Emma Louise. What followed was a Qld Music Award nomination – significant airplay on national and local radio, rotation on triple j unearthed, placing #3 on the Overall Triple J Unearthed charts, and stacking up over 1million+ Spotify Streams.

After her 2016 East Coast tour Greta then spent eight months in Melbourne playing gigs every weekend throughout Brunswick and Fitzroy, before returning to her home of Far North Queensland gearing up to release her debut LP.

‘Full Grown’ delves into what it means to grow up. It’s about learning to accept the things that life throws your way, and that change is inevitable in this often-overwhelming world. It addresses the dark times of youth while trying to find the sun, and remembering that it will always rise in the morning.

Over the course of the 13 tracks Greta explores how to “let love in” and how to “let love leave” and how to make the choice on what to be, how to be, and ultimately leaving you with the feeling that everything will, in the end, be alright.

“The LP is about all of the bad stuff, and the good stuff, and how unfortunately, one wouldn’t really exist without the other. It’s about learning, hurting, coming completely unstuck and then somehow finding your feet again – life is big and scary but it’s big and beautiful too, and it’s easy to sometimes forget that there’s a world outside the door of your own.

This LP is a collection of my recollections of times spent here so far, drawn from my personal experiences and also the outside ones I’ve been witness to – a mix of high-school memories, hometowns and their hold on you, the suffocating summers in far north QLD – the bone breaking winter of VIC, dealing with the waves that are sure to always change the course of life – understanding that people will come and go and come and go again, and all that is certain is right now.” – Greta

Announced as the Winner of the triple j unearthed Groovin the Moo Townsville competition as well as being selected as the unearthed Feature Artist in the last week of April 2017, followed by a string of shows with the likes of Sarah Blasko and Didirri, and a single co-headline tour with Joe Mungovan in September and October, Greta has also recently been announced on The Grass is Greener Festival line-up as well as Australian Music Week on November 3 and The Grampians Festival line up in 2018.

Check out “When January Comes” Below.

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