Paul Stephens

Cairns Rock Cafe

Cairns Rock Cafe opened it’s doors recently, The Rock Cafe is a new venue featuring regular live local music, both originals and covers. Situated on the busy Cairns esplanade, it is a great venue to play in front of some new faces and win some new fans. The venue is a veritable rock museum with the walls adorned with all kinds of rock memorabilia including signed pictures of Queen, guitars signed by Zak Wilde, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Motley Crue and many more.

I sat down with proprietor Frank Hennlein to find out why a couple that already runs a few other restaurants decided to focus on a rock cafe themed restaurant “Both myself and my Queen picwife Birgit are passionate music fans and there seemed to be an opening in the market for a place like this”. Frank explained about the enviable collection of rock memorabilia “We took a while collecting everything, some of it we found on ebay, and some of it is from private collections”.

The Cafe serves up delicious food that is quite reasonably priced. However,  special mention must Rock Cafe 2go to the house beer which is brewed especially for the venue by Red Dragon Brewery under the watchful eye of self confessed beer connoisseur Frank Hennlein “It took a while to get the brew right, a lot of beer only takes a few weeks to brew, we found that to get it right we needed to take up to 6 weeks to get the brew to where I was happy with it” Patience seems to have paid off as the resulting brew is a must try on any self respecting beer lovers list.

The Rock Cafe features live music on Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons. On the afternoon I dropped in Paul Stevenson from Black Label and son Marshall (both pictured) were playing out the front. The Venue does have a 90db sound limit which is monitored, so the venue is probably better suited to solo and duo acts without loud acoustic drums.

Cairns Rock Cafe is located at 91 the Esplanade (near the Aplin st corner next to la Pizza).

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