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Live Music Comes To The Woolshed

Ask any music lover in Cairns, the inner city has long been somewhat devoid of live music, particularly of the original type. Many lament the closing down of Johnos Blues Bar many years ago, along with the multitude of live music venues that used to make this town come alive, but sadly are no more. We are absolutely delighted to bring you some rare good news on the local live music front..

The Woolshed in Shields st Cairns is an icon amongst the Cairns Nightclub scene. Long known for it’s 7 day a week party atmosphere and bangin DJ beats. Astute readers may well ask, what’s a venue known for mostly DJs got to do with Live Music?

The Woolshed, in conjunction with NQ Music Press intend to have live original music every Friday night from 8.00Pm – 10Pm from the 24th of August, with a view to expanding to other nights if it is embraced. The Woolshed are certainly putting their money where their mouth is. The venue has just installed a brand new Turbosound line array and foldback system especially set up for bands, along with a state of the art lighting rig. There will be a professional sound engineer to help kick the bands off each night, and a lighting operator. They are also going to pay the bands fairly. They are serious about this and want to attract quality local and touring bands.

And no jaded reader, today is not opposite day!

Woolshed managing director Dom Davies told NQ Music Press “I have been watching what’s happening down south at clubs in Brisbane, it’s all coming back to live music, I would love to see the Woolshed as the hub of a scene up here” The Woolshed are certainly in a great position to do this. The acoustic acts playing at the Cotton Club section out the front of the Woolshed have been a runaway success with the tables usually full when the entertainment is on. What originally started as a one night a week gig for acoustic acts has already grown to several nights a week.

The Friday night gigs commence Friday the 24th of August. Local rock dogs The Brazilians (who have just wound up recording on their new album) will be the guinea pigs with the new sound system on the 24th. Having 2 sound engineers in the band will help the in house sound engineers tune the system and make it easier for subsequent acts. There are already several awesome bands booked for the following month.

If having a new venue doing all the right things for musicians and music lovers appeals to you, we implore you to support it in a big way!

Bands playing the Woolshed Friday night gigs must have at least 50% original material in a 2 hour gig. If you think your band is of a high standard and are interested in playing, send bio, links to music and youtube to

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