Meat Bikini Mofo Oct 2014

Meat Bikini – Shitkicker

They have been around for years (since 2003 to be exact). It’s comforting to know they are always out there.. somewhere.. keeping it real for the rest of us. Yes folks, I’m talking about Meat Bikini, and they have have just released a new film clip which you can watch below. I cornered Meat Bikini drummer Rob Eakin in a small room, placated him with some food and asked him a few Q/A style questions about the new Meat Bikini film clip for their track “Shitkicker”.

TM:- Sooo… who shot the clip?

RE:- The clip was filmed by me, Mathew Bell and Brandon Pineda. This edit was done by Mathew Bell.

TM:- So whats with the wrestling masks?

RE:- The wrestling masks came cheap from mexico, and hey why not, no-one wants to see our ugly mugs anyway.

TM:- Who’s the poor bastard you have tied up in the clip?

RE:- The other guy in the clip is Mathew Bell who stars as the convert.

TM:- Where was the track recorded?

RE:- This version was recorded at the old MOFO jam room. Joel plays guitar on this recorded version of Shit Kicker.

TM:- Who came up with the concept for the clip?

RE:- We sorta threw this together on the day, I had a rough plan, and was pretty keen to torture someone. Everyone pitched in and thanks to the farmhouse production boys, Frank, Coby and crew for jam room and getting involved. This is our first film clip, it was a lotta fun. Actually its our second, joel made one, but it had lots of hollywood action movie scenes.

TM:- And after all these years, are you guys gonna finally release a full album?

RE:- We maybe will record a new album next year.

TM:- You’re such a tease.

Todd Macalpine

Meat Bikini play this Saturday 8th Oct at the Garageband gig at the Grand Hotel Cairns with Clowns (Melb), Swamp Donkey, Peyote, Will Carroll, Rum Forest Rum. Barefoot Belles, Oakshot, Odious and Kroovs. Ticket $15 at the Grand. Doors open at 1pm, it’s set to be a marathon of live original music!

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