All Pandamonium Compilations CDs Now Uploaded.

It really has been a marathon, but all 7 Pandamonium compilations CDs have been uploaded and are available for free download, or you can stream them live from the FNQ Music Archive (you can donate to download if you want, but it’s optional).  It’s been quite a trip down memory lane for me, as I am sure it will be for many of the bands on here that have not heard this stuff for a long time.  I have also provided a new synopsis on each album. If your name isn’t mentioned, it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t love ya! There’s just so much of this stuff in the archive, it’s hard to process it all at once. I may update some of the synopsis from time to time as memories come back. Now, off to uncover some of the live recording gold from the Panda archive!