Total Mudfest

A Touch Of MudfestThere must have been something in the water down Innisfail way around the turn of the the millennium. There is certainly gold in that thar mud! Track “My Face” by Valaceed features a precocious young Dan Sultan, who went on to much greater things, and also Rashid Alkamraikhi and Elliot Milward, who would later form Dr Parallax. Manseed featured a young Sarah Pensini, who would later go on to do some great solo stuff and form a duo with Jannah Dryden called “Brace”. Future members of Violet Shift also make appearances. A few tracks from this also made it on to the ┬áPandamonium 2000 compilation. Dive in to the mud!

My Face – by Valaceed To Be On top of it – by Tumi Wisteria – by Manseed Who Owns The Rights – Ramblers Jeff – by Ransom You Were My Friend – by Anything For NowRipped – by Straight Hate Take It – by Bedfellow You Got Squat – Captain LizardLiberty – by Hypertheorium