Summer Rhyme

Summer Rhyme

Summer Rhyme formed in mid 2012. The band has grown into a seven piece consisting of drums, two keyboard players, (piano/ vibes and Hammond) bass, guitar, trumpet and two lead vocalists. Stylistically touching on multiple genres including, reggae, rock, funk, with a touch o rap and pop. The original material is strongly focused on being of a positive and uplifting nature, and according to frontman Paul Sampson “you get to feel good about what you are dancing to” September 2014 sees the release of the debut EP ” Relief Release”. I caught up with Paul Sampson ahead of the CD launch of Relief Release at Crate59 in Sheridan st Cairns on the 5th of September.

TM:- North QLD audiences seem to react especially well to groove orientated bands, why do you think that is?

PS:- Is it the tropics, does the humidity and vegetation make people respond to the off beat in music like in the Caribbean and the penatonic based blues of the deep south USA where they share our climatic conditions? I’m not really sure perhaps because we live in a city that has a holiday vibe most of the year round people feel more connected to music that’s makes you feel good and want to have fun, be relaxed and upbeat.

TM:- Where does the inspiration for your songs come from?

PS:- As a song writer i am very much a lyrics focused writer. The premise behind my writing is to create an energy that is positive, reflective and uplifting often in a quirky yet poetic way. As iI worked in Yarrabah for over 10 years and lived on Thursday Island for three years I am heavily influenced by Reggae. I also played in an indigenous reggae band called Patch up of about four years, the song writers in that band influenced what I do as well. Funk music seems to sit nicely along side that genre too. I like to use different styles write in to keep the set fresh… and I cant help being crossover rock, its in my blood. Jo who sings with me in Summer Rhyme, and who I sometimes write with leads me towards pop too, all this hopefully makes an interesting set of songs at a live performance or on a recording.

TM:- Do you find booking a 7 piece band a challenge?

PS:- Yes however i think anyone in an original band in Cairns will tell you its hard to get work, so its not so much the size rather the current nature of local venues that is the most perplexing when booking performances. We have been able to create such a large group because we are not focused on coin, rather creating the best sound we can with a crew who really do get along and enjoy each others musicianship.

TM:- Where does the band name come from?

PS:- Again as a writer the lyrics are rhythmic poetic that’s the rhyme. The summer is the mood we set out to create, feel good dance music that is original but approachable, that’s Summer Rhyme.

TM:- Where was the E.P Recorded and where will it be available.

PS:- I recorded everything myself in my home studio, except the drums. Its great not to have to outsource that part of the creative process, nor rely on asking others to fund your release. It was mastered by 12th and Vine Post on the Gold Coast. The EP tracks can be streamed on summer rhyme soundcloud and other tracks including EP tracks on reverbnation/summerrhyme or they can be purchased on Itunes, hard copy CD will be available at The Flying Monkey Cafe and at gigs.