Jobstopper – It Was Like That When We Got here

Jobstopper play the Sideshow Alley gig at the Convention Centre this weekend with Spiderbait & Sneaky Sound System. I thought it was time to catch up with Jobstopper front man Wil “Stopper” Carroll, as the lads just winding up the recording their new album.  You heard it here first kids, Wil tells us the name of their upcoming album will be “It Was Like That When We Got Here”,  which according to Wil is “A reference to our local scene and to how we always end up breaking stuff”

TM:- Soooo.., whats been happening in the Jobstopper camp since we last caught up?

WSC:- We’re on the tail end of recording our album which will have a name this weekend and plan to release it next year. We’re taking all the shows we can right now but we’re also focusing on the next step in being an original band, and that’s breaking into the festival circuit. We’ve started putting the word out that we’re looking for professional management. November will see our guitarist/keyboard, Hamo and I taking some time out to start writing the first new songs we have written in a while, so that we’re ready to record album number 2 this time next year.

TM:- You are playing a gig with Spiderbait on the weekend, were they ever big on your musical radar?

WSC:-  Personally, I was unfortunate enough to miss the era of amazing 90’s Aussie rock as I was embarrassingly engrossed in US hip-hop for those years. I know most of their bigger more popular songs though, and they are definitely a band I enjoy but it’s not like I own any of their albums. Everybody else in Jobstopper are pretty big Spiderbait fans though. I know Adam our bassist and Fizzy our trombone player are particularly excited.

TM:- You mentioned Jobstopper are looking for a manager, what are you looking for in a manager?

WSC:-  As a band, we’ve supported a few international bands and a solid handful of successful aussie acts. We’ve done a 31 day tour, made a few CDs, and the next move is to try get some spins on triplej and to play some bigger festivals. Our recording engineer and a mentor of mine, Dal Smart told me that good management is the key ingredient that helped to transform local artists such as The Medics and Emma Louise into relatively successful musicians.

TM:- Sage advice from Dal.. Speaking of ingredients.., You have somewhat of a food connoisseur in the band. Adam has become a  legend in mexican food circles with his sardonic nachos reviews. Are any of the members of your band brave enough to cook nachos under the scornful eye of Adam Burke?

WSC:- George our trumpet player made all of Jobstopper and The Resignators oxtail nachos at his house in Brisbane when we were on tour. He pretty much offered his soul to Adam for a review. I can’t remember what he scored, the corn chips were too soggy in my opinion… I think Adam’s love of telling you which way the cold wind blows and his love of Mexican food met gracefully in his crass but truthful nacho reviews. The key to being friends with Adam is knowing that he LOVES chilli but HATES The Red Hot Chilli Peppers… I digress…

TM:- I know you guys have done the hard yards with some of the early tours. Do Jobstopper still have the drive and ambition to do the hard tours?

WSC:- We’ve been a band for four years. For the first two and a half years we played non stop all over the country. We were actually playing more than one show a weekend, practicing twice a week, we all worked full time jobs ,and most of us throughout the time have juggled a relationship on top of it all as well. When we went on tour it hit us all pretty hard financially, I personally left my job of six years to go on tour and play manager and it was the best time of our lives, but it was incredibly hard work. Our drummer Trev quit after the tour and we spent every ounce of our energy finding the right drummer and when we found Moff, we spent all our energy teaching him three years worth of material. Then we hit the studio to make an album. Basically what I’m getting at, is finally things have slowed down a bit for us, we can all put our feet up for the first time in four years, get some space and gather ourselves. We will be back touring again, hopefully in the middle of next year with even more drive and ambition than we have ever had before!

Jobstopper play The Sideshow Alley gig with Spiderbait and Sneaky Sound System this Saturday October 25th tickets via Ticketlink

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