Binda Warren

Binda Warren – Tailgater

Binda Warren is an outstanding Indigenous performer with a background in Country Music. He has worked in musicals with the Kransky Sisters and with Ian Stenlake’s QLD MUSIC FEST Productions. He has also worked in Australian film and TV as a main extra and a body double in the movies Bate, 3D, Claw and Terra Nova. Binda has also appeared in commercials, done voice over’s and sang jingles for radio and television adds. Binda is a graduate of the Academy Of Country Music under the Jimmy Little Foundation.

The QLD Regional Arts Development Fund and Cairns Regional Council funded his debuted album BINDA WARREN “BACK TO COUNTRY” which recorded at Pegasus Studio’s Cairns and was nominated in six categories for the 2015 Golden Guitar Awards in Tamworth, but failed to make the final cut. His music is aired in countries such as Australia, the USA, UK, NZ, FIJI, PNG and word is spreading.

He has a YOUTUBE channel featuring this song and many others. Binda is preparing to start recording his second album on his return from the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2017 where he will be taking main stage in Peel Street for the 10th anniversary for Indigenous Country Music Artists.

Check out bbinda’s Balcony TV clip for his song Tailgater below:-

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