Robbie-V – Playin Naughty

Frontman of North Queensland party band “The Dialers”, Robbie-V grew up in the small rainforest town of Kuranda and from a very early age he was constantly subjected to excessively loud music by his “hippy” parents. Fortunately though, they had an extensive array and an impeccable taste allowing a developing young mind to soak it up like a thirsty sponge. Every last drop.

As a grasshopper he was blessed to learn the art of Hip Hop, which Robbie claims “are the study and teachings of the fundamental creative elements of life” Starting as a Graffiti Writer (Painter/Designer), performing as a B-boy (Dancer/Theatre), progressing to a Turtablist/Beatmaker (DJ/Producer) before travelling to Melbourne to pursue his passion even further.

Although always writing Rhymes (Poetry) and able to spit in a cyper with a skin full, the courage to perform as an MC (Singer/Actor) always seemed to elude him. Until one day that sneaky stage just slipped itself straight up and underneath his feet, and like a frightened deer, was temporarily blinded by the spotlight. He instantly found it’s warm glow to be completely calming and soothing, as it seems he had finally returned home.

Robbie V has recently released his “SHDW BOXN” EP. Robbie-V keeps the EP as true to the live performances as possible, recording the beatboxing direct from the Loop Station without all the post production bells and whistles. No instruments were used, only vocals. Mixed and Mastered in Brisbane’s West End at The Tanuki Lounge.

The “Playin Naughty” film clip was created to promote “SHDW BOXN EP” using the same props and costumes from the SHDW BOXN live show, which is currently touring though Europe. The SHDW BOXN show consists of a vintage mic, a Loop Station hidden in a old suitcase on a wooden stool, and a hat stand for suit jacket and bowler hat to complete the theatrical “feel” of the show. The clip combines these costumes and props with bright contrasting colours to compliment the cheeky nature of the song and highlight the comedic lyrical content. Check out the film clip for Playin Naughty:-

Buy the E.P here:-

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