The Poets – Against The Tide

Meet The Poets – Jonathon (the quirky guy who plays guitar upside down), Vanessa Glennon (The Voice), Will (the rock steady drummer) Jimmy (the guy who plays the guitar the right way up) and Aleta (the funky bass chick).

The Poets sound is cemented in a smooth R&B/soul foundation, flirting with jazz & funk stylings, topped off with two strong vocalists in Jonathon & Vanessa (who’s voice will stop you in your tracks).

The Poets appear in the latest instalment of Balcony TV, check out their track “Against The Tide” below. Aleta on bass is normally the presenter on Balcony TV, Kudos to sound guy Kris for stepping up to do the presenting while Aleta got her bass on!

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