Bad Pharmer (BRIS) Live in Cairns (with 4 other bands!)

FNQ’s worst kept secretion are back for a homecoming extrava-tony-danza.
BAD PHARMER!  –   Live and direct from Brisvegas.

Saturday 29th April – Stratford Bowls Club from 6pm  (5 LIVE BANDS!)

Playing their unique style of swampy blues drenched garage rock drizzled in bison vodka.
** Plus a few of their friends bands along for the ride! **
Bad Pharmer (BRIS)
A fully sick rocking and rolling tap your feet and convulse to the beat type thang. Featuring past members of such luminaries as Meat Bikini, Astro Zombies, Moke, Midnight Cock Machine and Jethro Tull*. These guys have a back catalogue of EPs and singles and a heap of fresh produce to boot. Infectious numbers to quell your thirst for letting loose!

Meat Bikini
You know who this is! If you don’t, then boy oh boy you are in for an real rip sonorter of an eye-opening night. Punk and grunge sprayed via a high pressured gurney right into your earholes. Think Mudhoney, Think Cosmic Psychos, Think brown-notes juttering forth at the speed of angst, with nothing but a hockey strap to force back the rumbles of self-immolation.

Swamp donkey
these blokes are in the middle of recording an album. Expect lashings of indie pop rockery infused with a jus of grunge, punk and shoegaze frollicks and drizzed with a compote of gourmet rock n roll with a side order of smashed chats and refried swampy outlaw country plops.

Mod Cons
Hi, do you like The Pixies, Bowie, Dead Boys, You Am I, Hüsker Du?
Then Mod Cons are the cover band for you mate!
These guys are the bands’ band. Just look at the crowd when they play. Everyone from every other band comes running when these guys fire up.  They’ll bring you the good-time tunes and the floor is always bouncing! (they normally play in a jump castle)

Fresh from torturing themselves through recording a demo, they are looking to drop some noise in the room and watch it float past your eyes as you stare with furious confusion.
A cacophony of what was presumably intended as songs, will rage through chiselled distortion and overdriven bass ladelled with unbridled drum-thump blasts.

Sat 29 April, from 6pm.
All ages (bring I.d. If you intend to drink or board a plane)


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