Emma Louise

Emma Louise – Supercry

One of Cairns’ most loved musical exports, singer songwriter Emma Louise, is returning home to share songs from her new album, Supercry when she plays Tanks Arts Centre on saturday the 17th of September.

A stunning debut EP, Full Hearts and Empty Rooms (2011), announced Emma Louise on the national stage as a rare kind of talent, one who creates songs with a resonance far beyond the instant sugar hit of so much pop music. Once you hear tunes as intensely evocative as Illuminate, from the new album, or Jungle from Full Hearts, you don’t forget them.

Writing songs is as natural as breathing to Emma Louise, and right from the start as a schoolgirl in Cairns it was the quality of those songs that seemed to make her path into a musical career inevitable. If you know Emma’s music, you will understand the emotional storms her songs evoke and on Supercry she stays true to her practice and holds nothing back; all the aches and desires of a gifted songwriter moving into adulthood are laid bare.

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