Garageland 500 3

Garageland #3

Garageland #3 is knocking on your door, our mate Dozer enthuses..

Leave the car at home, Garageland has it’s motor running and is bringing the noise! Hot on the heels of Garageland #2 comes, logically, Garageland #3 – (The Punk Rock Edition)

Garageland 3First of all Garageland would like to acknowledge the passing of Tommy, the last original Ramone.
His brand of metronomic hi-hat drumming has been replicated in garages worldwide by all whose forearms could endure the burn.
Whilst writing songs in my high school punk band, our limited drummer would ask: “Clash drums or Tommy drums?” We seek to honour his memory this Saturday night with Cairns’ 4 best original punk rock bands.

SWAMP DONKEY are a 4 piece swamp- rock- grunge- shoegaze- punk outfit possessing big fat chops and a brooding stage presence,
they are quite possibly the most underrated band in Cairns.

NO HYPE are a 3 piece anthemic pop-punk group hailing from just about all over the place. Sugary sweet one minute and snarling the next, their stage show is one of the most energetic you will see. They’ll be taking off on tour in the near future, so catch ’em while you can!

MEAT BIKINI are a 3 piece these days but you wouldn’t know it, they’re still as loud and raucous as ever!
I could go on and genre define them.. but unless you have witnessed them, it would mean zero. They’ll melt your face off and make you think about why they did that to you! The naughtiest boys in Cairns get their Garageland on for a record breaking 2nd time.

JOBSTOPPER are a… aww hell… I don’t know… they have a heap of members.. but they play an infectious brand of 3rd wave Ska/Punk, that you can really break your teeth on! Currently in the midst of recording their first full length album with producer-to-the-stars Dal Smart, the boys are frothing at the jocks to take to the stage at The Grand Hotel for the first time. Playing all your old favourites and some new tracks too, come get your skank on with Cairns’ best/worst party band!

A refreshed punk rock playlist for the night and 2-4-1 drinks between 6-8PM will get the party off to a cracking start and as always Dozer will be there, mainly being a goose and introducing the bands to rapturous applause and incessant cat calls no doubt. To accommodate the abundance of talent, we will be starting the night off an hour earlier at 6PM, so don’t get caught out! 4 of Cairns’ best bands and it’s all free!… um ZERO dollars, I think you can swing that buddy – you’ve had a good week!

When – Sat 19th july

Where – the Grand Hotel Cairns

How Much –  Free!