Azreal, hailing from the Gold Coast, are a prime example of what can be achieved musically with a bit of patience and meticulousness.

After forming in 2007 and releasing an E.P in 2008, it was another four years before they unleashed their first album onto the world in the form of ‘Better Dead’ in 2012. The result was a powerful metal album laced with anti – religious themes and punctuated by songs that derived comparisons to the music of Pantera, Sepultura and White Zombie.

After touring with major Australian bands such as Segression and King Parrot, Azreal found themselves with a new drummer and reinvigorated spirit and duly began work on album number two, ‘Premonition’, which was released last month. “Yeah things moved alot quicker on the second album,” guitarist Andrew “Jimmy” Glinster laughed. “It was only two years between the two albums but things moved pretty quickly when Chris (drummer) came on board.”

With the release of “Premonition”, Azreal find themselves performing at this Friday’s Hellbound concert at North Cairns Football Club. “We’ve never played in Cairns before,” Jimmy enthused, “but we are REALLY looking forward to it. We have heard great things about the scene up there so we are excited about being a part of it.”

For those who have yet to have a taste of Azreal, Jimmy describes the new album as an accessible slab of metal that will leave you breathless for more. “It’s pretty much straight up metal, but we don’t like to get pocketed into one kind of genre. There’s a bit of thrash metal in there and a bit of groove metal but some of it gets a bit doomy as well. Really there’s a bit for everyone. It’s not one of those albums that someone can go -“it’s not my kind of sub genre” – you can basically listen to it and find SOMETHING to enjoy.”

Metal music is at probably it’s highest point in recent history at the moment, and Jimmy sees the reason behind this as pretty simple. “A lot more people have got behind it,” he offered. “I think the bands have got behind it better as well and are supporting each other rather than like it was five years ago when everyone was kind of battling each other for a spot. For some reason nowdays the bands get together and get on stage with each other and actually go to watch other bands play which I think is the main difference.”
“I think over the years there has been so much hate directed at metal but what really hasn’t ever been taken on board is the fact that people who get into it really enjoy it. They don’t care what anyone thinks.”

Kris Peters

Hellbound is at North Cairns Football Club this Friday, July 18th.
Tickets are $20 from the gate, with bands playing from approx 2 p.m until 11 p.m.
It is an all ages plus licenced event