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Garageland #4 at the Grand

Our mate Dozer drops in to tell us about Garageland #4 at the Grand next Saturday night. Take it away Dozer..

Hey, you with the face! It’s Garageland time again!
We’ve put the top down and are ready to cruise with three of Cairns finest original bands this Saturday night at The Grand Hotel.
These nights have been rolling along nicely and surpassing all expectations – so lets keep the momentum going!

Red Dice are a rockabilly band consisting of seasoned players who have been making the rounds of the scene of late. Possessing a classic sound and style, these guys will have your tail feathers set to shake mode. Make them feel at home for their first time at Garageland folks!

Also gracing the stage at Garageland will be ska-jazz-fusion legends raconteurs. Led by the inimitable David Breeze, their sets are rough edged but classy and danceable. raconteurs swoon like a vagrant and swing like Babe Ruth, they are not to be missed!
The best small “r’s” in town!

Sworf round out an impressive bill and they never disappoint.
It’s not difficult to see why these popular rockers never fail to draw a crowd – they work hard and they rock even harder.
They have enjoyed a stellar 2014 supporting Stonefield, Calling all Cars and Chronolyth and added a new bass player and 2nd guitarist.
For some bands adding new members can be a slow process but the boys have picked well and have not missed a beat – their sound if anything undergoing a rejuvenation.

As per usual, it’s 2-4-1 basics at the bar between 6-8PM and Dozer will be spinning tunes and taking care of you loons.

Bands kick off a little after 7, so get down early and get those motors purring!!

Oh and it’s all this Saturday 23rd of August and it’s all deliciously free!