Garageland at The Grand #5

Well first of all i’d like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us and gotten us up and running this year.

It really has been a team effort and I’d like to give everyone concerned a big pat on the back. We have some exciting announcements to make at this latest edition of Garageland, so make sure you’re in the door!

What’s that sound? I don’t know, I can’t hear what you’re hearing.
It’s probably your own voice in your head reading this. But if you come down to Garageland at The Grand this Saturday night we can hear lots of things together! The fifth lap of our juggernaut of noise sees three acts make their debut on the back stage.

Rum, Forest, Rum are a four piece pop-punk band who don’t mind venturing out into a little bit of hardcore. The amiable fellas offstage seemingly fall into a trance on stage at times and have delivered some super fun gigs this year. Singer Tyson Beable varies from a caterwauling scream, pop-punk bubble gum and also softer tones with a unique delivery, though the standout when I saw them was the clinical drumming of Shaman Grayson. It’s their first time at The Grand lets make them feel welcome folks!

Snakeoyl are a four piece rock’n’fuckin’roll band from the lofty heights of the Atherton Tablelands. In their own words, they play music with balls! Their material has not only a distinctive rock sound but they also play with a style that is all their own. A committed group of accomplished musicians who don’t mind a bit of a commute to rock a room. Catch the remarkable guitar work of Lightning Levi Forbes for the first time at Garageland.

Odius are a four piece thrash metal outfit from right here in Cairns and they’ll make you bang your head. Trust me, even if you don’t want to bang it… you’ll bang it. Vocalist/Guitarist Lucas Blackburn swaggers and roars onstage and is the consummate frontman, he oozes attitude. He calls out the songs to the other band members. They all oblige and play some rollicking thrash. They make us bang our heads, it’s that simple. Also I heard there may be new songs in the works, so hopefully we’ll get to hear one! Proudly headlining Garageland for the first time, POW! lets make some noise people!

During the show we’ll be announcing our plans for the rest of the year and you won’t want to miss the news! We have a couple of big shows coming up to round off the year at The Grand and we can’t wait to tell you what we have in store. Although I’m sure the good folk here at NQ Music Press will keep you well abreast of any developments.

As usual its 2-4-1 schooners at the bar between 6-8 to kick the night and our livers into gear and a heavy rocking playlist between bands. All your friends will be there and you won’t be cool if you don’t go.
So remember it’s Garageland#5 this Saturday 20th September, bands start at 7 and you don’t need to pay to get in because it’s like the best things in life – FREE!!*

*Some of the best things in life you do have to pay for.
I once had a bottle of Glenlivet 25 year old single malt scotch that cost me $305. It was the best scotch I’ve ever afforded and was worth every cent.

Love Dozer x

Garageland#5 Saturday 20th September
Rum, Forest, Rum
Bands start 7pm.
Free Entry 18+

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