Hell Awaits at Holloways Sept 2014

Hell Awaits @ Holloways

Get ready for the second installment of Hell Awaits @ Holloways on September 28 as the organisers spice things up a little by bringing Melbourne Glam Rock trio Sister’s Doll to the party.

Originally started as a way of not only bringing music to the people on the beaches side of town, but also as a means of nurturing and promoting young bands in the region, Hell Awaits enjoyed a successful debut last month and has upped the ante in only their second show.

Sister’s Doll (who will be featured in an upcoming interview with NQ Music Press) are an exciting young Melbourne based band and are the first touring band to perform at Holloways Beach Sports Club.

Manager Tom Hamilton says he is excited at the prospect of being able to continue on the promise shown from last month’s event.
“It was a bit of a gamble putting those styles of bands and music on at the Club,” he said, “because we haven’t really tried anything like that before, but if we can maintain the crowds and the interest there’s no reason why we can’t continue to grow and hopefully bring more touring acts in the future.”

Sister’s Doll will be supported by an eclectic mix of local talent, with punk merchants Meat Bikini, thrash metal mystro’s Odius and popular hard rock nu-metal tyros Salacious rounding out the bill in what is sure to be a loud afternoon of Hell fire metal.

To add excitement to proceedings, bands will be drawn from a hat at the start of the day to see who plays when, with Sister’s Doll headlining the show.

Being a Sunday, music starts at 3.30 p.m and will be over with by 8 p.m, with local busses travelling from town and from Smithfield at regular intervals.

Continuing from their promise to keep music loud and free, Holloways Sports Club has also declared there will be no cover charge so make sure you keep that afternoon free and not only support local live music but also have your say in the decision to promote up and coming talent from all around the country.

Kris Peters

Hell Awaits @ Holloways is on Sunday, September 28 at Holloways Beach Sports Club, 84 Wistaria Street, Holloways Beach.

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