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Sister’s Doll

When you think of Glam Rock you automatically think of the two big American “hair metal” bands Motley Crue and Poison, but now Australia has a budding entrant to the genre in Sister’s Doll.
Originating in Collie, Western Australia, Sister’s Doll have now relocated to Melbourne in an attempt to conquer the musical nation.

“We’re three brothers who grew up listening to the old glam rock and the 70’s and 80’s rock and roll through our Mum and Dad,” vocalist Brendan said.

“Our Dad’s a big Kiss fan so we grew up on Kiss and Motley Crue and Van Halen and it has always been a dream of ours, we always wanted to be in a band. I was in another band that didn’t work out and that kind of started everything rolling so when that finished I started jamming with my two brothers in the back shed learning Kiss songs and other covers and from there we started writing a bit of our own original stuff. Then we started entering band competitions and we won a few of them and we also won some recording time so that’s what initiated the album Welcome to the Dollhouse and we’ve just kept that going and doing the early stages of stuff that most bands do.”

As stated earlier, the trio are all brothers, aged 16, 19 and 21, so it would be fair to assume that there would be a little niggle between them especially spending so much time together in a band situation.

“We’ve been pretty good actually,” Brendan laughed. “We don’t fight a lot but it makes it easier when we do because if you have a little tiff here and there you tend to get over it within five minutes rather than having a fight with a mate that can go on for longer. It’s been good fun and is all a bit of a family affair really.”

Sister’s Doll are a shining example of believing in yourself and putting yourself out there, having approached their idol, Gene Simmons from Kiss, and promoting the band.

“Gene Simmons was doing a business tour and luncheon type thing,” Brendan explained, “so I went up and talked to him and took a press kit of the band and gave it to him and he said to give it to his partner, Pete Hoffman, and he would take a look at it and that’s how we started our relationship. I took the opportunity but I didn’t think we would get anywhere with it – I just thought it would go in the bin – and even when he took it I didn’t think he was really interested. But Pete obviously liked it and took us on board and became our manager so they sent us out on the road because as they say that’s what you do as a band. You do a lot of touring so Pete sent us out to see if we liked it because if you can’t handle touring then there’s no point making music your career and at this stage we’re loving it!”

Being a young band too can have its drawbacks, with the music industry and associated people being well known to chew up and spit out even seasoned veterans, but when it comes down to ensuring they remain grounded Brendan says Sister’s Doll have already got it covered. “We know we just have to keep in control of things,” he said. “We run the band as a business so we really know what’s going on and where everything is going so if we can keep control of that the best we can then we should be okay. Keeping family close by and our manager and crew close will also help but there’s always going to be those sharks out there circling, you just have to be aware they are out there.”

Kris Peters

Sister’s Doll play a free show at Hell Awaits @ Holloways at Holloways Beach Sports Club, Wistaria Street, Holloways Beach on September 28. Support acts are Salacious, Meat Bikini and Odius with first band on stage around 3.30 p.m.

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