Garageland @ The Grand #7

Last years shows are now distant in the rearview mirror… like that soiled mattress you dumped on the side of the road*…

Yeah I saw that! But hey there – stop idling, it’s time to shift the gear stick into thrill ride and put on your cleanest underwear because Garageland is back baby!

Thanks to Brett and the staff at The Grand Hotel, we’ll have a few extra cylinders this time around the block – so we plan to bring you more bands than last year and some ring-ins from out of town as well.

First off the grid in 2015 are Flair For Treachery! F4T are a relatively new band on the scene, catching our eye when they played the Pirates Touch Football Fundraiser. Theirs is a blend of 90’s Alternative rock with equal parts grit and pub rock sweat and swagger, making them prime candidates for Garageland.
The fellas have some tracks up here: https://soundcloud.com/flair-for-treachery. Get in early to see some new local talent and take advantage of the 2-4-1’s folks!

Steve Towson is a man who needs no introduction but in the interest of being thorough, an introduction he shall have! Steve is a prolific Brisbane based musician whose body of work transcends many genres including Punk, Protest, Indie and he is well versed in Traditional Folk. He has toured all over Australia and is a regular visitor to the Far North.

Some of his past shows at RAW, Resonate & MOFO over the years have been awe inspiring so don’t miss out! Fun Fact: Steve is also the curator of The Australian Cultural Library in Toowoomba which recently came into possession of possibly the largest collection of Queensland films in the world!

That’s a lot of rewinding!

You wanted the meatiest, you got the meatiest!
NQHC legends and Garageland regulars Meat Bikini are joining us again – Word on the block is that there could be a couple of new tracks in the works, so who knows if we’re good enough perhaps we can convince the boys to bust them out!

The Dialers absolutely owned Garageland last year, I’ve worked at The Grand for 8 years and I’ve never seen so many people dancing in the back bar. Any bill they are on, you can count on a good time and a crowd not being too far behind. The crew played the Island Vibe and Wallaby Creek festivals last year – amongst a host of other huge gigs – and we are very excited to have their fresh skanking vibes with us, lets make The Grand bounce!

Salacious will be rounding things off with some premo Cairns Metal – and it’s the hard working bands first appearance at Garageland so rub your jumper cables together for them! The guys are fresh from playing shows with Shewolf, Sister’s Doll, and were also apart of the The Godless Tour featuring A Night in Texas and Tomb of Doom.

Salacious will be touring the far north with the Terrorbound festival come this July, so lets get those necks whipped into shape early with this one people!

Alrighty so there’s five bands and we’ll kick it all off a little after 5PM, don’t forget 2-4-1’s are from 6-8PM and I’ll be there to introduce the bands and keep you rowdy lot in line.
Wow that was a lot of numbers for me.

Speaking of numbers it’s all FREE!

Garageland kicks off 5pm on Saturday the 18th of April. We hope to see you down at The Grand Hotel and we’d like to thank them for their continued support of Garageland this year and their commitment to local music.

See you at the bar,
Love, Dozer 🙂

*Garageland, NQ Music Press, and the author personally do not condone the dumping of soiled mattresses – I mean unless it’s at an actual dump. Better still, you could clean it off as best you can and donate it to a local charity like Animal Welfare Cairns – which is where I bought my bed for a cool 30 beans.

There were a few questionable stains, but still it was $30 and it’s comfortable as all get out.

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