Omid Master

Rock The Yacht Halloween

The Port Douglas Yacht club has been very supportive of local original acts with the “Rock The Yacht” gigs it has been putting on from time to time. The Yacht club decided to use Halloween and “Rocktober” as a reason to have a final Rock the Yacht for 2015. There is a great line-up of local talent including Eddie Skiba, Haze, Roz Pappalardo and the Wayward Gentlemen, Benny & the Clones, Shannon Clark, Humidity and Miss Tee and Mr O Band.

Organiser Omid Master tells us “The event is great because it supports the musicians giving them all of the door takings shared among each player so the bands can be bigger and not solo acts. The community supports it well, and it has become an institution with over 300 paying attendees last time. The bands get to play their original material and can sell their CDs at the gig if they want. This is a unique opportunity and event for musicians in FNQ”

I asked Omid what inspired the gig and he was quick to reply “It was originally put on by the Yacht Club to support musicians because Port Douglas used to have events that the musicians got nothing from while all other staff such as security and management got paid. I wasn’t the inventor of the invent, it was the Port Douglas Yacht Club and it has been going for the past 3 years every 4 to 6 months”

Rock The Yacht kicks off this Saturday night the 31st of October at Port Douglas Yacht Club.

The door charge is only $10.

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