Emmaline Sister Liberty

Tanks Unplugged

A Tanks’ series that showcases the best of live and local music, this month proudly presents Sister Liberty, Ino Reeves and Joresoh.

Soothing songbird Sister Liberty’s (Pictured) lyrics and melodies exude a healing energy through powerful positive messages that unify and bind her audience.

Her debut album, Emanate, is a full sounding reggae roots and groove vibration drawing on her Polynesian heritage and her drumming expertise, laying down soulful tribal rhythms and a distinctive percussion style all her own.

Ino Reeves is a self-taught musician with strong Papua New Guinean heritage, which he weaves into his own modern music style; a mix of reggae and roots.

His signature sound is in his lead guitar melodies, catchy hooks, alluring swells and hints of island reggae fusion. Combine this with deep emotional lyric connections and you’re left with a chilled out, easy listening sound.

Joresoh’s music has been described as hot chocolate on a cold night in. His gentle husky voice will leave you wanting more.

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