Tegan Koster Triplets

Tegan Koster Project

Tegan Koster Project are back with their freshest and feistiest brand of Post-Pop Synth Rock yet!

Combining collectable classical synthesisers, progressive sweeping guitar lines and bold and captivating vocals, TKP will transport audiences into a nostalgic futurism with all the force, fun and vigour that they are known for.

“A Tegan Koster Project live show is a moving and haunting synth Odessa that keeps one glued to the keys” – Ashleigh Campbell, Director NorthSite Contemporary Art Centre.
Tegan Koster Project features legendary local guitarist William ‘Biri’ Duffin from the ‘The Pad Boys’ and ‘Black Rising’, elusive sound smith ‘HairBrain’ co-producer of ‘The5Five’ and front woman Tegan Koster on collectable retro synths and soaring powerful vocals.

“TKP hits you with resonate fields of synth and sound punctuated by quirky pop vocals. Kind of a mix of Laurie Anderson, David Lynch and Toni Basil” – Natalia Mann, Creator of Sonic Earth, 2019.

Highly stylised musical videos produced by ‘TheFive5’, which Tegan Koster and HairBrain co-produce have established TKP’s unique visual style which transposes to the live show.
The music video for ‘It’s a FunLife’ was selected for the Understory Film Festival in 2018. Tegan Koster Project also released a short film with an original soundtrack which debuted at local avant-garde show ‘Mixed Grill, Screen Culture Club’, in 2019.

Tegan Koster Project also produced an original sound piece for the Ironing Maidens show ‘A Soap Opera’ which will debut at the Adelaide Fringe Festival this coming February, 2020.
Blending musicianship, creativity and power, Tegan Koster Project is bursting out of their industrial dreamland in 2020 Year of the Rat with new works that stir the pot and bust up the mainstream pop paradigm to reveal a truly avant-garde future.

“In an age of uninspiring microwaveable pop numbers, TKP breaks this mould with a powerful combination of melodies and synth that lull you into a rock electro wonderland where anything is possible” – Wendy Mocke Actor/Writer and Founder of Melanin Haus.

Tegan Koster Project is thrilled to be joining her synth family, ‘The Ironing Maidens’ as support for their much anticipated AdelaideFringe Festival Show, ‘A Soap Opera’, at The Tanks 6:30pm, 7th of March 2020.

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