1927 Return to Vertigo

Back by popular demand, iconic 80’s band 1927 are returning to Verigo at The Reef Hotel Casino for two special shows on Friday 22nd April and Saturday 23rd April. Bringing their unique brand of Aussie rock to the Vertigo stage, the group known for the classic hits ‘That’s What I Think Of You’ and ‘If I Could’ will demonstrate why their enduring presence has made them one of the most respected bands in the country. If 1927’s previous performances at the Casino are anything to go by, both nights will be packed and the music will be pumping!

“Every time we’ve played at Vertigo it’s been an absolute madhouse, so hopefully we get the same again. It’s always fun coming up to play in Cairns” said front man Eric Weiderman

1927 burst onto the Australian rock scene in 1988 with their instant classic debut album, ‘…ish’. The album quickly went multi-platinum and remains one of the highest-selling records in history. The album spawned a string of hits, including ‘That’s When I Think Of You’, ‘If I Could’, ‘Compulsory Hero’ and ‘You’ll Never Know’, all of which remain permanent fixtures on the radio waves 28 years after their release. The songs from ‘…ish’ garnered 1927 a swag of awards and nominations, and guaranteed that the follow-up album, The Other Side in 1990, would pump straight into the upper reaches of the Aussie charts.

“It was crazy. I don’t really like fame all that much, so I wasn’t really prepared for it. I can’t say I enjoyed it, but I prefer how things are now. We’d do these massive shows with huge PA systems and half the time I couldn’t hear myself sing as people would be just screaming. Nowadays people listen more, so I enjoy it more now days.”

In 1992 the band released their self-titled 3rd studio album ‘1927’ which reached the Top 40 but they disbanded the following year after numerous line-up changes and  internal problems. The band went on extended hiatus in the mid-nineties, until lead singer Eric Weiderman relaunched it 2009

“For me it was a relief. From the day we got in the studio to record the first album there was a lot of politics in the band. We’d had a lot of different line-up changes, certain people would want this, and certain people would want that. All I wanted to do was play music. So to be honest it was a bit of relief when it ended, and just being away from it. Getting back in to it this time around with a new bunch of guys is really enjoyable. They’re like my brothers, nobody has any ego issues and we all just love playing music. So its much more enjoyable”.

Weidman was picked to front 1927 after appearing on ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’ Red Faces Segment in 1986. 1927 founder and ex ‘Moving Pictures’ member Garry Frost saw the segment and later recruited Eric into the band.

“It was actually a dare; I was playing in a cover band in Melbourne in the time and somebody dared me to do it, so I went on and did a cover of Roxanne by The Police. Luckily they saw it in Sydney and thought I’d be right for the band, and that was it. It’s definitely up there (on you tube), cause I got shown it once and I cringed! (Laughter)”.

Since reforming, 1927 quickly found themselves back in the thick of the Australian touring circuit, hitting the road with international acts Simple Minds, Roxette and US indie heroes The Rembrandts, proving they had lost none of their energy, spark and creativity. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see one of the best Aussie bands on the touring circuit!

1927 perform at Vertigo Cocktail Bar & Lounge at The Reef Hotel Casino on Friday 22nd April and Saturday 23rd April from 9pm. Both shows are free. The party continues with Mr Smith (Fri 22nd April) and The Tall Poppies (Sat 23rd April) performing till late.

Mitch Sullivan

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