Odius – Prophet of Extinction

Local Metal band Odius have just filmed a performance of their track “Prophet of Extinction” for Balcony TV, which should be released soon. According to bass player David Finlay, the track is about “Society’s destructive nature and a vision of human extinction” – Heady stuff indeed, NQ Music Press takes a closer look at the metal juggernaut that is Odius..

Odius haven’t been around that long as a band but their ascension through the ranks of the local metal scene has been rapid. I asked David his thoughts on this “My take is we’ve focused our effort on impressing and challenging ourselves and not other people from the start. You don’t know what outsiders want, but you yourself always know what you want. When you present your work the people who share the interests and ideals they will stay and usually it’s never who you expect.”

The band have developed a tight set that they have obviously worked hard on. I was curious about their rehearsal regime and David offered “We rehearse once or twice a week, play through the songs and no nit-picking. You can’t do that live, so if there’s a mistake we keep going. It’s also when we debrief and keep each other in the loop”

Being a metal band in a regional centre like Cairns can’t alway’s be easy, David explains “The geographic challenge is quite obvious, for us and bands elsewhere that want to play here. If there was a higher number of visiting acts that we could jump on the bill with Cairns would be better resource for local bands. We would be with bigger acts that people are familiar with, thus plenty of opportunity for the audience to know us better.”

The guys are currently working on a bunch of new material and David says the new material coming out is “employing new structure, greater atonality, tempo changes and mood shifts”

Odius will be performing at Terrorfest 2016 this Sunday 24th April at the Grand Hotel with a veritable smorgasboard of other touring and local metal bands. Doors open 2pm tickets $25 on the door.

They will also be playing at Rumble In The Jungle 3 at the Billabong in Kuranda on 21st of May Shuttle bus available with Cairns Travel Beats: 0406 534 996. Tickets for Rumble in the Jungle are $20 at the door and includes overnight camping.

Todd Macalpine

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