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Abi Muir – Stockholm

Abi Muir and band been making their mark on the world lately with their track ‘Stockhom’ which sees the young songwriter leaning in a more rock based direction than her earlier pop outings. I caught up for a quick chat with Abi ahead of their showcase gig at The Panda Room this Saturday 3rd of December.

So what got you started on the on the music path?

“When I first started really getting into singing, I took a lot of inspiration from the big divas like Mariah, Whitney etc. I especially love Tori Kelly as well, her vocals are insane & were a big inspiration for me to learn that type of control, power & agility. I listen to a lot more RnB, rap & indie these days which inspire me lyrically (I love telling stories and having a complex flow)”

Your recent track ‘Stockholm is a bit of a departure from your earlier releases which had a more pop leaning, what inspired Stockholm?

So when I first wrote Stockholm, it was just me and my guitar. My original idea for the song was that it’d be about being in love with the ‘villain’/someone you knew was bad for you and it blossomed from there. When I sent it to David D’Amore (drummer) to hear his thoughts, he loved it so much and completely rock-ified it with his drums and had sick ideas for the bass line & stuff!

So can we expect to hear you moving more in a rock direction now?

I’ve definitely found a new love for rock pop after playing live as a band for a year, the energy and power on stage gives me so much adrenaline and I have the most fun performing songs like stockholm. There’s definitely more to come just like it!

You have released a string of singles, any plans for an album?

Yes!! I’ve been writing music non stop and collaborating a lot with other musicians so hopefully next year will be full of new content (and possibly an album wink wink)

To anyone that hasn’t seen you perform live yet, what can they expect from your set at The Panda Room?

Lots of NOISE!! Haha, the band and i like to go hard every performance so prepare for a lot of energy and fun.

Well there are no noise restrictions at The Panda Room so we look forward to it!

Todd Macalpine

Abi Muir and band play the Panda Room on Saturday the 3rd of December, tickets available here – https://www.trybooking.com/CDPPA

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