Amy Sugars

Amy Sugars

Amy Sugars is a 19 year old singer/songwriter and guitarist from Perth, Western Australia.

After the release of her debut single “So I Won’t”, Amy was nominated for The Rudy Brandsma Award for Songwriting Excellence in the 2014 Australian Songwriters’ Association Awards. Her lyrics have been complimented by Pat Pattison from Berklee College of Music, USA.

Amy has already played a few show NQ shows in Port Douglas ahead of her Resonate Showcase at the Grand Hotel in Cairns This Thursday night, and got voted best street performer at Carnivale. Like many touring artists, the NQ Music scene has made quite an impact on her.

“I am loving the NQ music scene! Everyone has been so supportive and I’ve had a lot of positive feedback. A few amazing local artists have invited me up on stage at their own gigs. I’m very grateful for the NQ music scene. My album was only released a few days before I left Perth to tour, but my album launch was a great night and I’ve had a few emails from people in Perth recently so I’m looking forward to heading back after touring and working on building a bigger profile there”

Being a one girl show, I was curious about where the inspiration to write and perform solo came from “My influence as a songwriter is definitely other songwriters, people that write and sing and play an instrument are the people that I really look up to because they can jump up on a stage without relying on a band or someone to write their songs for them, and pull off an excellent performance. Artists like Taylor Swift, Missy Higgins and Ed Sheeran” she enthused.

While only 19 years old, Amy has been writing songs for a few years now, I asked her how her songwriting has evolved so far and she explained “I think that I am writing better songs as time goes on. I used to write a song and just be done with it, where as now I write and re-write to find the best possible way I can say something, and I play around with melodies a lot more too. I still write about experiences that I go through and emotions that I feel, and I don’t want to change that. I used to hide that I wrote songs because I wanted to fit in with what everyone else was doing, but I’m not afraid of that anymore and am completely in love with the whole process of being a singer/songwriter”

And what’s next for the ambitious 19 year old?

“I would love to keep building my fan base and tour the rest of Australia later this year, once I’ve saved up enough money. I’ve been writing my 2nd album and I’m really excited for that. The ultimate direction would be just to keep touring, playing bigger shows and being able to sustain music as a career”

Todd Macalpine

Amy plays the special ladies night edition of Resonate at the Grand Hotel this Thursday night 4th of June. Amy hits the stage at 9.30 entry is free.

Amy’s debut album “Everything I Never Said” will be available on iTunes from 9th April 2015 and CD’s can be purchased at

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