Drewboy – Balcony TV

Drewboy (AKA Drew Brauer) is a 27yr old Cairns/Brisbane based Acoustic Singer songwriter.

Drew grew up on a farm in a tiny country town 4hrs west of Brisbane called Tara. Taught himself guitar in Grade 11 and then found out he could sing a bit later.

“I have Always had a passion for writing my own songs, and creating a piece of music that I am truly happy with is still one of the most fulfilling feelings I have ever had. I have always just written for myself and it’s really just a bonus if other people like my songs or can get something out of them as well.”

Recently giving away his fly in fly out job means that he can finally have time to focus on music and getting his songs out into the big wide world and see what happens.

Drew recently performed his song “Obviously” on Balcony TV, check out the clip below.

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