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Busby Marou – Postcards From The Shell House

Having recently released their 3rd album ‘Postcards From The Shell House’ last Friday, Aria award winners Busby Marou return to Cairns for 3 massive shows on Thurs 23rd, Friday 24th and Saturday 25th Febuary at the newly opened Bar36 at The Reef Hotel Casino.

Known for their melodic guitar riffs, sincere lyricism and folk-infused compositions, the Rockhampton duo will be joined by local bass maestro Enzo Russo, and will be supported by Dave Cooke and The Tall Poppies.

Speaking to Thomas Busby recently, he told me the story of how they recruited Enzo Russo to their band.

“Our original bass player was afraid of flying and eventually had to leave the band. He’s still a very good friend of ours and unfortunately it was something he just couldn’t get past. So we started using different gun bass players that people put us on to, which was ok for the time. Then just by coincidence we played at Beef Week (in Rockhampton) and there was a Cairns band playing called ‘The Tall Poppies’ there. Enzo was the bass player and they were actually using our drummer for the weekend. The two of them just got on like a house on fire. To the point where our drummer was just raving to us about how good they worked together. He rang me up saying ‘It’s more than a friendship, there’s something there’, I said mate go easy you’ve got a girlfriend (laughter). But they truly do have a great connection, they could be playing in different rooms and they’d know where each other is going. We got Enzo in for a rehearsal and it was better than any rehearsal or gig we’d ever done before. It sounded that great! So from there we had to lock him in. Plus he’s just a beautiful bloke and fits right into the family. He’s been great for us”.

Having spent the the last 18 months recording at Stables Studios in Victoria, as well as sessions on Great Keppel Island, ‘Postcards From The Shell House’ takes it names from a mysterious shell house is an old heritage-listed building on Great Keppel Island, a landmark that has particular significance for both Tom and Jeremy. With the album featuring a strong connection to the Island, the duo recently filmed 5 video clips there to promote the album.

“Jeremy and I hate doing film clips (laughter). We’re just awkward. But this time around the record company actually said we’re going to get you to play live, as that’s what we think your best at. So you don’t have to mime or worry about anything like that. They got in a great crew and got us on the island in our natural environment, and it came up really well. It really showcased the island exactly how it looks and how it feels. I hope everyone gets that feeling from the album.”

Having won the 2012 APRA Music Award for Blues & Roots Work of the Year, Busby Marou have also toured with national and international music icons such as Pete Murray, Dolly Parton and James Blunt.  In 2010, they were the only unsigned act on the ‘He Will Have His Way’ – Finn Brothers Tribute Album and in the same year won a Deadly Award for Most Promising New Talent in Music. All of this while continually basing themselves in their regional hometown of Rockhampton, which they still do to this day.

“I think Australian music is finally embracing regional artists. In the past generally regional bands would have to branch off to Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, and you would have to class yourself as either a Melbourne band or a Brisbane band, because that was kind of what you had to do. We never did that and I like to think that we were part of that shift. We stayed in Rockhampton and were proud to say we were from there. People embraced that and we found people wanted to know that there’s a sound from Rocky. It’s the same with Cairns, there’s been some huge bands come out of Cairns in recent times. You think of Emma Louise, The Medics, Mark Myers with The Middle East, and even Leanne Tennant breaking through now. The shift is people saying we love it here and we want to live here, because this is what we write about. As a result you make a sound. Mackay is the same; they’ve got some great young artists. Your environment helps create your sound and people are starting to recognise that. I definitely believe it could be in your favour now if you’re a young regional artist.”

Busby Marou perform in BAR36 at The Reef Hotel Casino as part of the Live at the Casino series from 23-25 February 2017. Entertainment kicks off with support by Dave Cooke from 6pm nightly. The party continues with live music til late with The Tall Poppies.

*** Live at the Casino shows in BAR36 are non-ticketed shows.

For more information, please visit www.reefcasino.com.au

Busby Marou – Postcards From The Shell House is available now from http://www.busbymarou.com/

Mitch Sullivan

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