Anoxic Embrace

Anoxic Embrace

Anoxic Embrace the concept, was created in 2011, when frontman and vocalist Az was working as a scuba diving instructor in Townsville. While underwater, he experienced the sensation of being out of air, otherwise known as anoxia. The word “embrace” was added as there were other meanings to this term relevant to Az.

Citing influences ranging from Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder to Slipknot, it would be an understatement to call their sound eclectic!

Anoxic Embrace have already played quite a few gigs around place including the Railway Hotel (RIP) and have landed coveted support slots with touring bands Massive and Hail Mary. The guys claim they will play anywhere they can get a foot on stage.

This Saturday night the 25th of Feb, Anoxic Embrace head up the hill to play the Volcanic Rock gig at Atherton international club along with The Brazilians, Snakeoyl and Bigfoot Mafia.

Back in 2015 Anoxic Embrace performed their song “Charismatic Smile” for Balcony TV, check it out below:-

The guys have recently taken a bit of a break to do some recording, which Az says will be “a humorous song about social media, technology, and the elderly” We look forward to hearing the fruits of their labour soon!

Atherton International Club
Saturday 25th of February
Kicks off at 7pm

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