Buttah – City Of Sirens (Dawn)

Raised in the dirt and dust of Far North Queensland, Cooktown born Townsville based MC Buttah the verbal wordsmith, returns to the scene with his latest release ‘City Of Sirens – Dawn’, close to 10 years since his latest release ‘The Storyteller LP’ in 2008.

With an ever impressive resume having supported hip hop heavyweights such as Drapht, Bliss N Eso, Hilltop Hoods and Public Enemy, Buttah is also well renowned for his collaborative youth work with organisations in Townsville, Ingham and Cairns in which he writes, records and performs songs with indigenous youths and at-risk teens.

The first of a two part offering, ‘City Of Siren – Dawn’ is a deeply introspective, somewhat ironic and often comical narrative of the curious life that Buttah has led. Covering the region he grew up in and the city that he now lives in.

Speak to Buttah recently he said:

“You’ve got to be happy where ever you are; life is a moment so always try to be happy in the moment. Change is hard to embrace sometimes but it is good. Moving from Cooktown to Townsville felt like the right thing to do, I’ve still got a strong connection with Cooktown”.

Throughout the release, Buttah also expresses the mental and physical challenges he has overcome and is still battling. As well as being diabetic, Buttah was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2012, something that dramatically changed his musical path.

“It really rocked me and was really unsettling. I’ve always been really present, so to keep going off line at random times and waking up in hospital, really shook my confidence.”

“I took a back step from music and retreated into the hills of Ravenswood for a while and starting working in education. I was still doing music but I just made it for me; a lot of these songs have been sitting on my computer for the last 5 years. I really just recorded it for myself and that was enough at the time. My manager and my brother have really been pushing me to get back into it (music), and I guess they finally convinced me now that I feel like I’m coming back to myself”.

Having supported acts such as Xzibit, Illy, Grinspoon and Spiderbait, Buttah is planning a comeback to the stage on the back of his new release in the near future.

“I’ve spent my life on the stage, I studied theatre and have also worked as an actor, but unfortunately epilepsy shifted me to the left. It was scary time of my life. But with the response ‘Dawn’ has had, it’ll happen, I’ll be back on the stage for sure.”

With close to 40 songs accumulated over the past 5 years, Buttah will also release a follow up album ‘City Of Sirens – Dusk’ at the end of the year.

Buttah. Be Useful, Truthful, Thoughtful And Happy.

Follow this link to get your copy of ‘City Of Sirens – Dawn’

Mitch Sullivan

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