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A proud Ewamian/Western Yalanji man (North East QLD), David Hudson is an internationally renowned artist, regarded as an innovator for his traditional instrument the didgeridoo. Hudson is also a highly accomplished guitarist with a style described as a combination of contemporary and traditional Aboriginal influences.

Speaking to David Hudson recently ahead of his return to The Tanks Arts Centre on Friday 23rd September, as part of the World Music Series supporting Frank Yamma. David was genuinely excited to be performing again on Cairns greatest stage.

“I haven’t performed at The Tanks for about  4 years or so. So  to perform again, this time with Frank Yamma will be a hoot and a great show with a bit of diversity with myself coming from the coast here and Frank from the desert country”.

“I’m very excited Frank Yamma is coming up to my country. I met Frank a long time ago when he was a younger fella when I lived in Alice Springs. He sings from the heart and sings about the desert where he’s from. I’m really looking forward to it, it’s a really great concept the World Music Series’.

David has had a diverse career and is internationally renowned as a musician, artist, entertainer, and presenter. His work is considered “contemporary” yet has a very definite traditional influence.

“I grew up in North Queensland and I come from a very artistic family. We were all taught to make product from an early age and I’ve always played music. I’ve always made authentic products from boomerangs, original art and customized didgeridoos. The wood I use comes from out west near my traditional country Western Yalanji and Ewamian.”

Drawing inspiration by all the natural elements of his environment with each work he creates, Hudson wholeheartedly gives a part of himself and his culture through his music.

“Most of my music is based on where I come from and I’ve always recorded all my music in Cairns at Pegasus studio with Nigel Pegrum. Back in the early days the record producer wanted me to record in Sydney but I didn’t want to do that, cause I wanted to record up here in the North where I come from, so everyone I work with including the musicians, knows how I think and have a better understanding of the stories. It’s all based on where I’m from and where I travel too.”

A Cairns local, Hudson has travelled extensively throughout Australia and the World, including Europe, Asia and the USA as a solo artist with Greek composer Yanni and world renowned dance troupe ‘Tjapukai’, which he co-founded.  He continually promotes awareness of Aboriginal culture and tradition wherever he travels and performs.

“I was taught to play the Didgeridoo traditionally when I was younger, but I like to experiment so I started to play it in different forms and use it alongside different instruments such as the Sitar from India or Bagpipes from the Middle East and Drums from Japan. I’ve always believed it sits in well with all the traditional world instruments. I’ve toured Japan many times and they have a close affiliation with the Didgeridoo because they play flutes. They are both ancient wind instruments.”

David Hudson supports Frank Yamma at The Tanks Art Centre on Friday 23rd September as part of The World Music Series. Doors open 6.30pm. Show starts 7.30pm. Tickets from Ticketlink.


Mitch Sullivan

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