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Eddie Skiba – Never Get To Heaven

Local songsmith Eddie Skiba has been churning out quality infectious pop/rock songs for a while now, he is about to debut 2 new tracks at the Tanks “Flame Music” showcase on the 12th of October. Eddie explains

“At the show at Tanks I’ll doing kind of a pre-release of 2 tracks from the upcoming album. The album will be ready early next year. The album has become a bit of a journey. I went in to do an EP about 18 months ago, and that has gradually turned into about a 16 track album. There’s plenty of light and shade on the record from quiet intimate songs through to straight out rock tracks. The album has been recorded between Basin Studio in Melbourne and Tolmie, and Pegasus in Cairns. The new tracks released at Tanks on Oct 12 are ‘Never Get to Heaven’ and ‘Black Bear’.

I asked Eddie about the title of Never Get To Heaven… “The track comments on the absurd existence of beliefs that people could commit, condone or cover up atrocities and still have some sort of righteous path to heaven. The song was a team effort produced and recorded by Matt D’Arcy (Rival Fire, Live at Subs), Aria award winner Nigel Pegrum, Keys played by Hue Blanes (The Melodics, Illy, Deborah Conway) and strings beautiful played by played by Simon McMenamin”

And the curiously titled Black Bear? “It’s a song about resilience and bouncing back. Many people go through struggles, and this song is a bit about the journey back to seeing value in yourself and recognising the good things around you”

Eddies “Blend On the Border” album was well received, and sounds great on radio, I enquired about the direction the new album was taking.. “The new album will be released in early 2020. It covers a broader spectrum of sounds compared to the ‘Blend on the Border’ album. The new album is a bit more of a light and shade journey, from some intimate acoustic songs, to straight ahead rock songs, as well as having some fun with some cheesy electric sounds. Aside from the long term continuing relationship between myself and producer Matt D’Arcy, I’ve also embraced more of other peoples ideas in the creative process. I’ve collaborated on a few songs with a good friend who has a knack for melody lines, I also received some lyrics in poem form from another friend as was asked if I could do anything with it, and also working with Nigel Pegrum and Simon McMenamin adding strings to a couple tracks has taken them to another level that I couldn’t reach on my own. So it’s been really enjoyable to include others in that process. The project has organically become quite a bit bigger than the initial plan so it’s got me a little nervous but very excited at the same time”

Todd Macalpine

You can catch Eddie debuting his 2 new tracks at the Tanks on 12th of October. Tickets available through Ticketlink

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