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Greta-Rose Stanley has been a busy girl lately. Tonight she is supporting the Beautiful girls at the Tanks, she has just recorded a 5 track E.P with Mark Myers, and filmed an episode of Balcony TV due to be released next week. Greta-Rose is set to tour in early November with artists Harry Storm and Sons Of May,  and in October plays Yungaburra Folk Festival. On top of all this she is still writing constantly. I caught up with Greta ahead of her show at the Tanks tonight.

TM:- You seem quite prolific, where does the inspiration for all these songs come from?

Greta-Rose Stanley:-  I’m inspired every day whether it be people I meet, things I just see or overhear. I think a lot! Lately I’ve been having really crazy dreams so that’s kind of been something I’ve been writing about. My influences are people like Jamie T, Daughter, Joni Mitchell, the lumineers and so on. But I try to listen to new music every day.

TM:- Are you self releasing the E.P or do you have label support?

Greta-Rose Stanley:- Self release, I’m going to try a crowd funding campaign where any fans if they want to can donate a minimum of one dollar so if that’s successful it will help with the costs of printing and promotion things which actually tend to add up. I’m always busking too to save money towards it as well

TM:- I know Mark Myers from when he was in a band called Function that were signed to my label. How involved was Mark in the recording your E.P?

Greta-Rose Stanley:-  I took the tracks to mark and they were just me and my guitar, the tracks are still essentially the same with no major changes. Mark has added in other instruments that bring the tracks to life, Jordan Ireland was the drummer for them, mark added in things like Lead Guitar, synth, bass all the things i can’t really play but we both had similar ideas for the tracks so he was easy to work withMark’s just a cool dude so I felt very comfortable working with him which is so good to have with this stuff. I definitely trusted him with my music!

TM:- How did the support slot for the Beautiful Girls come about?

Greta-Rose Stanley:- Recently I won a government funded scholarship to attend the bigsound conference in brisbane, and that was throught the Cairns city council Spotlight Program. Fleur Mcmenamin had a part in deciding the winners for that, basically I sent in an original track and I was lucky enough to be chosen.  Fleur is part of the tanks community so it was word of mouth, she’s good friends with Roz Pappalardo who also works there and they both thought i’d be suitable for the gig!

Check out some of Greta-Rose’s music below on Soundcloud and JJJ Unearthed.

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