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Jobstopper – Album Launch

Local lads and crowd favorites Jobstopper are primed and ready for one of the biggest shows of the year when they launch their much anticipated first full length album ‘It Was Like That When We Got Here’ at the Grand Hotel on Saturday 30th January. Featuring a massive line up of local talent, pre sale tickets have been selling fast for what will no doubt be a sell out show at whats becoming one of Cairns best live music venues, The Grand Hotel. Speaking to Jobstopper frontman Wil Carrol he added the band was ‘more than ready.. and sounding as fabulous as ever!’ ahead of Saturday weeks launch.

With a massive local support including Tropic Roots, Odius, Hungry Lungs, Meat Bikini, Peyote (for one night only!) and singer songwriter Ben Daniel on the smaller stage between band sets, the boys have promissed a massive 6 hours of live music for the very cheap price of $15. Ticket price also includes $5 off the Jobstopper merch table for everyone who wants to pick a copy ‘It Was Like That When We Got Here’. The very diverse line up also welcomes the return of local grunge rockers Peyote who recently called it a day, but Jobstopper were able to twist their arm and convince them into reunitting for the launch.

“A few years ago, Peyote put Jobstopper on the bill for their EP launch. They put us on at like 2am and we were all tired and drunk and cranky. Our old drummer Trev almost ended up in a punch up with the sound guy. It was a trainwreck! A trainwreck ending with Peyote oweing us a favour. Plus Andy was drunk when I asked him. Sucker!”

The 12 track release was recorded over a two year period at Big Sister Studios with local recording maestro Dal Smart and was then sent across the globe to Less Than Jake bassist/vocalist/producer Roger Lima for mixing and mastering at Moathouse Studios in Florida, USA. The band was in regular contact with Lima who would exchange ideas and thoughts during the recording process.

“Roger asked us a bunch of questions about how we wanted the record to sound but we never really answered him. We just kind of said, ‘We trust you. Do what you want. You’ve made hundreds of albums, we’ve made one’. So he went ahead and added in his own guitar parts, cut and pasted brass lines and turned it into what it is. There was a lot of emails exchanged. But mostly, we just let him go with it.”

The much anticipted release definately delievers bang for the buck with a massive 12 tracks, including crowd favorites and a whole bunch of new material.

“We really wanted to create a product that was worth it’s money. How ripped do you feel when you buy an “album” and there’s only ten tracks on it and one of them is an intro and one of them is an interlude. It’s rubbish. We didn’t want to fall into that trap. All the releases we’ve done prior to this one have only had your standard, mid-paced, punk/ska kind of tracks. This record is still mostly our quality craft, but we’ve branched out a bit. There’s a slow track, a hip-hoppy kind of reggae track, some breakbeat punk stuff.There’s a song with the word “Motherfucker” in it almost twenty times. I’m proud of that one.”

The song ‘Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just You’ was recently released for download on Triple J Unearthed as bit of a teaser before the album release. The track is a clear party anthem and packs all the fun you expect from a Jobstopper performance.

“We sent the album to a few people we really trusted to get an unbiased opinion of which songs were our bangers. Which ones we should try and market to the radio and all that other soul destroying kind of crap. Hot In Here was a clear favorite. Plus it kind of encapsulates what Jobstopper is about.”

You can download ‘Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just You’ for free on Triple J Unearthed. Please support the guys (and all local acts) by rating and submitting a review of the track as it helps a lot towards getting airplay on the J’s.

Word is tickets have been selling fast for next Saturdays launch so grab your tickets from The Grand Hotel to avoid disappointment as numbers are limited.

“The launch is going to be the best gig of the year! I’d put money on it! We’ll have our trumpet player George for the gig. George lives in Brisbane and recorded on the album, he mostly only does tours with us, so it will be really cool to have a three-piece brass section! We’ve got heaps of surpises, a bucket tonne of helium balloons and an excessive amount of bubble machines! It’s going to be an out of this world-rock show-party! Oh and caution. The first two rows might get wet!”

Jobstopper – It Was Like That When We Got Here Album Launch – Saturday 30th January at The Grand Hotel. 34 McLeod St Cairns. Doors open 6pm. Support from Ben Daniel, Tropic Roots, Odius, Hungry Lungs, Meat Bikini & Peyote. Tickets $15 from The Grand Hotel and includes $5 off Jobstopper Merch Table.

Mitch Sullivan

Pic by Pappi Razzi

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