The McCormacks

Resonate – Emmaline, Eddie Skiba, The McCormacks

Another night of quality local original artists in store for discerning punters this week at Resonate.

Kicking the night off from 7.00pm will be Emmaline. A rhythmical and lyrical songstress, Emmaline emanates a passionate, and positive roots experience. With uplifting, groove laden acoustic music. Drawing from her diverse skills, 20 years experience as an in-demand drummer/percussionist and dancer, and her Maori heritage. Since emerging from behind the drums to front the audience, her deep, playful style and flow of poetry has merged with guitar & vocals and her original conscious, compassionate lyrics embrace & celebrate life. The more observant local may remember Emmaline from when she played drums for 90s Pub Rock outfit Black Label!

Hitting the Resonate stage at 8.20 this week is Eddie Skiba. Eddie Skiba is no stranger to the Resonate stage and his catchy, well crafted songs always go down a treat with the Resonate crowd . Eddie has recently released a new album titled “Blend On The Border” and has been getting around the country doing launch shows. Check out Mitch Sullivans review of Blend On The Border herehere.

Playing the 9.30 slot this week is Katie Jay and Tim Wright AKA “The McCormacks”. Have you heard the story of The McCormacks? It’s a dark and stormy sonnet of adventure; a love story to rival the soppiest of all time. Sit back and let me tell you a tale…

One night in the gutter of McCormack street a pair of blue eyes met the longest legs they’d ever lain on. They found 4 hands and 2 sets of lungs and formed a band. Lost for a name they chose the name of the street of their meeting as a moniker and so began a rocky path of smartass, sarcastic teasing bordering on the flirtatious set to a country/blues soundtrack.

Driven by a love of music the eyes, legs, hands and lungs along with various organs and other instruments set about writing some noises to make ears happy. They found some feet and encouraged them to dance. They had some feelings and shared them with a heart. Adding a short blonde hair-do and a beard they had finally become a real band. Many a mouth smiled; many a brain was stimulated.

The McCormacks, as a general rule is a very difficult animal to pin down. If you get the chance to see one (and there is only one) then you should take it because you never know when you will ever have another. Sightings are rare and often turn out to be false. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones remember to bring your ears, your smile, your heart and your brain and don’t forget to wear your dancing feet.

Resonate is staged every Thursday night at the Grand Hotel in Cairns. Kitchen opens at 6.00, Resonate blasts off at 7.00pm entry is free!

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