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Todd Macalpine has a chat to Wil “Stopper” Carroll from Jobstopper ahead of their MOFO show next Saturday night, and an update on their upcoming new album.

TM:- Will you be playing any tracks off your upcoming new album at the mofo show?

WC:- Yeah we will. We’ll be playing quite a few.

TM:- How is the new drummer settling in?

WC:- Really well. Trevor Two Hands (our old drummer) will always be like family to us, but Moff Balls has a lot more diversity and skill, and we’ve been able to branch out in to some really, really fast punk songs which is something we’ve always wanted to do. The new album definitely has a lot more energy than our two previous releases. Moff has a “harden the fuck up and play the song” kind of attitude!

TM:-  So we can expect less ska and more hard edge punk in the next Jobstopper release?

WC:- Just as much ska, just a lot faster! Having said that, there’s a couple of slower songs too. There’s one song on the album with a bit of a darker, more emotional theme. Something we’ve never really tackled before. Don’t worry, its the only one like that though!

TM:- Jobstopper get emo, can’t wait to hear that one! Where are you recording the new album?

WC:- Don’t worry, we’re not going all Simple Plan on you ass! We record in the first week of June with the maverick producer that is Dal Smart. We’ve got ten full days in the studio. I think our trumpet player arrives from Brisbane on the 30th of this month. We’re always excited to see him!

TM:- Will you be touring this album?

WC:- Definitely. We’re hoping to do another east coast tour sometime in the first half of next year and get to Japan by the end of it. We have some friends in Melbourne ska bands, The Bennies who did really well in Japan and our friends The Resignators had heaps of success in Europe. That’s still a while away for us though.

TM:- Yes, Jobstopper definitely seems to be building a good network of contacts. Are you self releasing this album?

WC:- We’re not sure which way we’re going with that yet. We’ve had a few labels show interest but there’s not much more I can say about that one, at least for a little while anyway!

Jobstopper play at the MOFO gig next Saturday night 10th May along with Hungry Lungs, Lost Boys (Townsville), and Seed of Aether at the Germania Club in Cairns.