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Sister’s Doll Return

If dedication to your art and commitment to touring are two indicators of success then Sister’s Doll aren’t far from cracking it.

With a relentless touring schedule and infectious presence, these three young brothers are almost single – handedly giving rebirth to the glam rock music from the 70’s and early 80’s. They are young, they are talented, but most of all they are the rarest of commodities in the scene – nice, likeable guys.

To see them perform you would think they are the walking epitome of the music they personify. Attitude, angst and rebellion, but to talk to them off stage they are quite the opposite.

It is not uncommon to see them hang around for up to an hour after the show, signing merchandise or just chatting with their fans. There are no egos to speak of, nor any holier than thou reflections. They are, to put it simply, nice guys.

Vocalist and guitarist, B Monroe, agrees that it is a lot of work with a busy schedule, but also one which is essential if you want to make music your life, and says the band are basically just a trio of brothers who enjoy what they do.

“It’s been pretty full on since we were last up in Cairns in September last year,” he said.

“After we finished with you guys we came back and did a few shows in Melbourne and then went to W.A where we did about fifteen more shows and then back to Melbourne and Adelaide before having a beak over Christmas and we went back on tour on New Years Day.”
Sister’s Doll, comprising Monroe, Auzy Foxxx on drums and Lipz on bass, are, as mentioned, siblings, but if you think that it would be easy to assume that life on the road as a family would be strenuous then you would be wrong.

“We’re really loving it!” Monroe enthused.”When we’re on the road we’re bonding more and we’re seeing different things and experiencing it as brothers and as a band and you can’t get better than that. I think we’re also getting tighter as a band as well. The shows seem to flow so much more and we’ve added new songs to the playlist. We’ve really worked on our shows and we are growing together so it’s exciting.”

The last time Sister’s Doll were here they were a breath of fresh air. They were entertaining, and they were fun, and perhaps the thing that was most surprising with their performance was the demographic of their audience. People in the crowd ranged from 18 to 60, and every one of them took notice when the Dolls took to the stage.

It is a fact not lost on Monroe either.

“I honestly don’t know why we appeal to such a wide audience,” he said humbly.

“It amazes us too, we don’t know why…. maybe it’s because there’s that older style aspect to our music that takes people back to their younger days…. I honestly can’t answer it but I’m glad it is that way. I don’t know, maybe we’re bringing back teenage memories because of the way we dress,” he laughed.

The band name is a bit of a mystery as is the colorful pink that adorns the logo and the album and much of their merchandise, but when I ask Monroe if he thinks it is all a little weird for three males to have that aspect to their name and associated products he laughs and gives a good explanation.

“We were up all night looking at things on the internet,” he said, “and I liked the concept of the New York Dolls and then we looked up Twisted Sister and came up with the combined Sister’s Doll and because we are brothers it was a bit of a cliche so we went with it. I think the New York Dolls emblem was the one that had pink in it and that sort of thing hadn’t been done in ages so it was something different. It’s vivid and it’s in your face so it stands out and sticks in peoples memories.”

Kris Peters

Sister’s Doll start their tour of Cairns with a gig at the Edge Hill Tavern supported by She Wolf on January 23 then play at The Jack with She Wolf and Salacious on the 24th,¬†and Holloways Beach Sports Club on the 25th. Then back to the Edge Hill Tavern on the 30th with She Wolf before finishing their Northern leg with a gig at the Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron on Saturday, January 31 from 4 pm with Salacious and She Wolf

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