The Raconteurs – David Breeze

With a love of all things funky and downright groovy the raconteurs are a truly original and fun band. Comprised of the creme de la creme of the local music scene (including Steven ‘Papa’ Stanley, Matt Gerdes, Paul Barton and Jen Fengler) the bands original lineup formed in 2004, the group was a loose collective of muso’s who jammed and lived the very music they created.

Funk, Blues, Acid Jazz and Punk are just a few styles that pop up in a raconteurs set. But the overriding feel is Ska.

I asked head raconteur David Breeze about what drew him to Ska music.

“Where I grew up in brisbane back in the late 70s, two tone was huge at my school, as was punk and new wave. Been a fan ever since and then there was the Aussie ska as well the tenants , strange tenants, all-nighters, naughty rhythms, furious turtles to name a few”

Somewhat of a musical maverick, Breezy also played in late 90s Cairns punk band ‘Bleeding Jelly Eyes’ (who eventually evolved into Meat Bikini) before joining the classic lineup of Hot Rubber Glove that recorded their Elexotica album.

“Well I like it all ,especially anything with guitars in it, Bleeding Jelly Eyes (Hi Kane Rob and Graeme) and HRG were both great bands for learning your stage craft in. You just didn’t know where we would land at the end of a set”

But the leap from Ska Punk to Jazz, that would make most people’s head spin..

“We moved to Kuranda in the early nineties and I suppose I started to mix with a different crowd that I was hanging out with. Our thing was punk and ska and Aussie alternative music , Kuranda in those days had a great musical heritage going on, still does but, a little different now. You had Frogs in those days as well as the Kuranda Understage gigs. Lots of different music that I wasn’t exposed to down south”

The elephant in the room is another little band called The Raconteurs featuring a certain Jack White that have to change their name to the Saboteurs every time they come to Australia. Breezy explains..

“So the Jack White Story is I’m the raconteurs in Oz and when they come here they are the saboteurs . Basically the story is thanks to APRA I’m the raconteurs here. So register those works and your name along with it “

Having been on the local scene since the 90s, I asked Breezy about the changes in the local scene that he has seen over the years..

“Both good and bad I think. Good that the artists are still coming thru and there is support for them, but the bad is that we need more venues for this current generation of artists to cut their teeth in. I mean venues where you can play at the appropriate volume for the style you play”

The Raconteurs play The Panda Room Big Night Out along with Manuka, The Brazilians, Enemy Of Anemone and Savidas on Saturday 15th October. Breezy says “you can expect some brand new tunes at the gig as well as some acid jazz we like to unleash from time to time, along with our ska tunes” – TICKETS.

– Todd Macalpine

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